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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tarot Card Reading

My First Tarot Card Reading
"What do you want to read?" my friend and Tarot card mystic asked.
"Everything", I replied.
"You cannot have everything!", she said.
"Ok, can I have readings on my health, business and love life?" I reiterated cheekily.
"No, that's too much, you got to be specific!" she said, now showing some impatience.
"Ok, love life then", since I am a very healthy person and talking about business after hours will be boring.
"Even that is too broad, what about your love life?" she snapped, now showing more impatience.
"Ok, will I get a girlfriend soon?" I replied, now happy that I have something very specific and intriguing for her to work on.
"Ok, let's start, shuffle your card with feelings for what you want read", she instructed.
I did that, and further, more instructions to pull out individual cards and place them on the table.
She took the cards one by one and relating to me about my 'forthcoming' girlfriend while concentrating on the card.
Well, I can't say what she said was untrue, but they kind of are very general and cannot go wrong! I wasn't accusing her for being a fraud, but it wasn't what I had expected from a card reading.
After the reading was done, she looked perturbed and told me that I had no intention of wanting to know if I will have a steady girlfriend. She even suspected that I was not serious at all about her psychic abilities. She said that it was very hard to read me and I was placing a barrier to protect myself.
While the reading itself was unimpressive, I was stunned by this last part. She hit the nail on the head! Truely, I was not serious about what I asked to be read. She has got my vibes right and found that I was not thinking about the subject at all! All this despite my keeping a straight face!
Also many psychics have found me very difficult to read. There is a famous palmist that could read others very accurately, but was disastrous with my readings!
Anyway, if you want your Tarot Card reading done. I would recommend her. I think she is a great lady!


junie said...

hihi... can i know where didu get your tarot card reading

jupilier said...

Try attending this meetup this Sunday, 15mar09.