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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Some of my Thoughts

The following post was my first assignment at Toastmasters a few years ago. Thought it would be interesting to share it here...

We are the sum of our thoughts. So today, I’ll be sharing with you some of my thoughts. Each of these thoughts has influenced in my life. I will present them in a chronological order.

Thought 1 : “Why can’t teachers explain to me why I’m a naughty boy?”
I think children should not be fed any negativity about themselves without clear explanations and their own right of reply (or defense). Often, adults choose the easy way out by criticising the child (sometimes with physical punishments) without clear explanations. The result of this thought and experience is that I now take the patience to explain what I want to people (esply children) clearly.

Thought 2 :“ How is it that Caucasian tourists can afford to backpack to see the world, while we (the locals) are struggling to bring three meals to the table?”
As an adventurous kid, I used to wander to Mount Faber from my home in Redhill where I met these tourists. We were ‘allowed’ to do that those days. School was not so demanding and mum has seven other of my brothers and sisters to take care of. This thought has strengthened my resolve to live my dream and travel the world, modelled after a few books written by the author and futurist Alvin Toffler. At that age, I was idealistic and had a fervent belief that people regardless of race, language, religion, caste, creed or gender can achieve anything they want to, if they put their minds to it. To date, I have lived and worked in fifteen cities across four continents over twenty years, and have built my information security business in the meantime.

Thought 3 :“How can a country so dynamic once upon a time be so indolent?”
This may sound familiar, but I was actually referring to England when I started my backpacking. After Australia, my impression was that all white people are naturally lazy. This thought is later proven wrong when I returned to Singapore, my country of birth. When I left twenty years ago, everyone was ‘hungry’ to work and progress. Now after a system of government where many Members of Parliament need not face the ballot box to be in office, a series of government subsidised upgrading of living quarters, monetary dividends, and other payouts, the majority has become indolent.
So, regardless of race, language and religion, once the system is set to produce lazy and indolent people, it will!

Thought 4: “At some point, we have to let go…”
When I was twenty, I thought life goes on forever. Physically, it was almost zero resistance. Now when I go jogging, I realise I have kneecaps that hold my thighs and shanks together. Bless are my kneecaps that are still working and serving me well.
We cannot defy gravity. At some point, our physical attributes will be less effective, especially given the way we punish ourselves daily. I am now more health conscious. I practise Yoga and meditate daily. It gives me a mind to see many issues more clearly to be grateful for all of God’s creations.

So whether it is a new line of wrinkle, your grown-up offspring leaving home or a need to loosen political grip, at some point we have to let go to move forward.

You are the sum of your thoughts. So pay good attention to them. Thoughts are energy. Thoughts travel and they are powerful. :)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fake It Until You Make It??? :)

Once upon a time, there was a man who dreamed about getting rich. So he decided to 'fake it until he make it' and went out to buy a fake Rolex watch and showed it around. The common folks were full of admiration of the man and thought that he had struck wealth and can now splurge on luxuries like the expensive watch.

Word got around that he was already rich. So one day a visiting tycoon came to the village and wanted to meet him. He was delighted, but throughout the meeting, he kept his hands in his trousers pocket to hide his fake Rolex. The visitor did not notice and overall had a good impression of the man.

After the tycoon had left, the man is again out showing off his watch and enjoying the admiration and attention granted to a successful man from the common folks. Everyone really thought he had arrived and treated him with respect.
However, as much as he enjoyed the attention, deep down, he knew in truth whether his Rolex is authentic or not. Much as the truth we always know of ourselves. :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The 2$ Pledge

Came across this posting at

"i had met my mom for dinner at chinatown. there, we saw a frail and skinny old man who looked about 80. he was collecting empty aluminum drink cans from a trash can at a bus stop. this is a common everyday sight, but it’s still extremely sad to witness. everyone there who was waiting for their bus watched and scrutinised his every move. every single one of us there was so much better off than him. yet all we did was stood there. and stared. and judged... more"

The Secret Behind "The Secret"

Got this email from my friend Joo Hock about how Enrique applies the lessons learned from the famous DVD "The Secret".

Joo Hock is the Bucky Group leader. The Bucky Group meets every Sunday at MacRitchie. Enrique Tsou is a trainer and also one who joins the Bucky Group whenever he is in Singapore, just like I do.

I am much enlightened by Enrique's email. I hope you find something useful in it too!

Malaysia 7 December 2006

Dear Joo Hock,

Glad to see how the Bucky Group is getting very interested with Bob Proctor’s DVD “The Secret”.

I’m glad that now this “secret” has caught all the Bucky member’s attention, even though Clinton and I shared it with you all during our 1st Science of Getting Rich seminar in AIA premises on Sept 2001. I really hope that during your Saturday’s discussions you can get into the applications of the Universal Laws or Generalized Principles as called by Bucky, in all your daily activities specifically the applications of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration mentioned in the “Secret”.

When Clinton and I went to Las Vegas more than 6 years ago to receive training from Bob Proctor, we bring back the “Secret”. Those days Bob called it the “Laws of the Universe” and he used it to explain the secret of Wattles D. Wallace Science of Getting Rich book.

My life transformation started when I was looking for a deeper understanding of the Universal Laws so I can apply it myself and explain it to all my participants in a clearer and easier way during my trainings. The side effect of this study is a significant change of my life. It moved me to find the ways to “communicate” with the Universe, which help me to discover and develop further my Spiritual Quotient, which I called SQ.

While I was walking on the SQ path, I found out the answer of what my life purpose is, I also discovered what is my true passion in life and gave me the courage to live this passion in the way I’m living it today. The process of discovering the answers to all these life long questions has become the key ingredients in all my training programs. This gained experience has helped me shift the content of my programs to a different and more complete level. Today the SQ knowledge together with my IQ, EQ and KQ (Knowladge Quotient), has given me Bucky’s tri-dimensional Tetrahedron structure, the strongest structure in the Universe.

I’ve been receiving all your emails about the “Secret”, and since I am not able to attend the coming Saturday’s Hairfair gatherings until I come back from Kuala Lumpur, perhaps you will find useful some of my personal experiences dealing with the Secret while you are having your weekly group discussion on the subject.

The “Secret” DVD, even though has revealed what actually the secret is, is still a secret because has not revealed the “how to apply it” effectively. As a matter of fact, sure few of you have tried to follow the ways explained in the DVD to get some “stuffs” using the Laws of Attraction, but did you get it? Chances are not. The secret of the “Secret” lies in the way we communicate with the Universe, not on how we understand our universe works. Is the “I Know” syndrome against the “I have done it” syndrome, or what I called “the how to do” way.

Most people in the world despite not knowing anything about the theory behind of this “secret”, many have managed to get all what they want, why? Because it does not matter what you call the Secret: Law of Attraction, Visualization, Goal Setting, Affirmations, etc. What matter is the way we communicate with the Universe to “request” what we want that matter. I have discovered that this request is done through applying our feelings in the direction of what we want.

Everyone knows that feelings are something we need to experience it personally, cannot be explained, and cannot be understood, the only way is to fell it personally. How you explain a little boy what is “fall in love” when he has never “fall in love before”? Because feelings are a kind of “tri-dimensional language”, and no matter how we try to explain it using our limited bi-dimensional language, will never be accurate. Another example of feelings that all we can relate is the feeling of “fear”; all of us has experienced it and it means different things to each of us.

Most people study the Universal Laws one by one thinking each Law are individual Laws that are not much related with each other. In reality, all the Universal Laws are all closely interrelated.

When we look carefully how Nature (or Universe) works, we can notice that there is not a single physical “stuff” governed only by the single rules of the science of Math or Chemistry or Physics. All physical “stuffs” are governed by the science of Math and Chemistry and Physics working all simultaneously. We may be able to separate them in our labs and books, but in reality, as the Universal Laws, they are all interrelated.

The essence of the “Secrets” is to learn “how to” apply all the Laws simultaneously correct; When one Law is not align with the rest of the Laws, we will not get what we desired. Most people think that to attract what they want they only need to work on the Law of Attraction forgetting the interrelationship of the other Laws… You may want something, but if your feelings are not aligned with what you want, the Universe will deliver what you feel not what you want.

Because of the interdependence of the Laws it makes the study of the “Secret” more complicated but also more interesting. This is the main reason why many people fail in applying effectively these laws, despite they have a clears understanding on how each law works.

One of the many “secrets” to apply effectively the Laws in our advantage is having “clarity” as I shared with the Bucky group during the Sentosa workshop. It is not the “what to do or what Laws to apply”, but the “How to apply them simultaneously”. Learn to detect our true feelings and develop them is the way to work all the Laws simultaneously.

Most people when they apply the Universal Laws in their daily life, specifically the Laws of Attraction, they do it by only focusing in visualizing or use affirmations or setting goals and use will power to attain them, or writing notes to the Universe and place them in a secret compartment; these are the typical “what to do” way. When people apply these techniques without modifying 1st their “blueprints” the result is much harder to get and less effective.

Is only when we recognize that our Blueprint is the responsible of “repelling” or “attracting” all what we want, then we are ready to embark in changing part or our entire “Blueprint”. The “Blueprint” is the one who has created the life we have today; it is fully responsible to attract/repel all we have and we don’t have today, without exception.

We can control for a short period of time the way we want to feel – which is when we visualize or use affirmations, but when we are in automatic mode into our daily activities, is our “Blueprint” who makes us feel the way we feel most of the time. This long term feelings has more attraction power than few moments of specific feelings; and this is why we cannot attract what we want, but what we are. Until what we are is the same of what we want, then we will attract all what we want.

The question is how to see our “Blue Print”? We can see it by looking at how is our life now, the friends surround us, and the results we have now. This is why after attending the “Money & You” seminar, some of us has shifted our awareness and moved away form those “old friends” we use to mingle around and carry the same old conversation as before; we shifted our consciousness to a different level, which makes us to attract different group of people. In my case, that is how I was attracted to the Bucky group. In M&Y argot, we call this phenomenon perturbation. Our surroundings are all mirrors that reflect our invisible “blueprints”. In order to see those reflections we need “clarity” and courage to accept what we see, otherwise our ego will take over and distort on what is in front of us.

Getting to know our “Blueprint” is a concept that is not easy to grasp, this is because being a feeling is a tri-dimensional concept that fail to be explained accurately using our a bi-dimensional language tool. That is why using games as learning tools during seminars are so powerful, provided after the game the trainer/facilitator provide a profound debriefing using the feelings as learning tool. I’ve seen so many cases where participants are transformed after a powerful debriefing of a simple game played.

The way I managed to develop good clarity in my thinking is through the development of my SQ.

This concept of Blue Print is powerful; I’ve seen radical changes after few weeks when some of my participants changed their blueprint. Once they “sees” their Blueprint, they suddenly understand why their life is where is now. They managed to connect with the fact that until they change the part of their Blueprint that hold them to move forward, no matter how hard they visualize or use will power to attain what they want, they will keep getting the same result over and over. The learning for them is instead to visualizing what they want; they visualize in changing the part of their blueprint that hinder them. This allows them to attract what they want. This is how the Law of Cause & effect works: focusing on the right cause and the effect will come by itself.

Because what is flying beneath the radar (what we feel most of the time: fear, anxiety, uncertainty, stress etc), is much more powerful that what flies above the radar (what we say we want- a short feeling duration). So by working over the right feelings, we have the right attractions. The concept of “What is Flying beneath the Radar” was taken from the book “The 11th Element” from Robert Scheinfeld.

One way to understand the Blueprint concept is relating it to Bucky’s concept of “Be-ingness”. I have discovered that in our “Be-ingness” is where it rests our passion and life purpose. So one way to access our true Be-ingness/blueprint is through living our passion and life purpose.

Discovering the passion is not a big problem, I as many others has managed to get it. The challenge is what we do next after we discover what our passion/life purpose is. Most people do not have the courage to do the next move: live their passion as their way of life. The majority lives it as one of their many hobbies. I have also discovered when we live our passion as the way of living our life, we will be able to develop our full potential and on the way, we will discover our true-life purpose. I call it true-life purpose because it is not the purpose other tells us it is, it is the purpose we discover ourselves as we live our passion. When most people when they wish to live their passion as their way of living, because of fear in venturing to the unknown and to an unpredictable future; they decide to live their passion only half way. By doing so, they are just keeping that “wish” as a suppressed feeling. As times move on in their life, there will be a moment when regret takes place, and the question of: what could happen if I had followed my passion…

I still remember one of the Saturday’s sessions in Hairfair, when Erick was as usual seating over the left end corner of the salon, he mentioned that once we are walking our life purpose, everything that we do would be very smooth. My experience tells me that is true. The way I can explain it is because by living our life purpose, we are in line with our true Be-ingness, this Be-ingness will attracts all that we need in order to fulfill our life purpose. More we live our life purpose, smoother our life will be.

Maybe few will disagree with me in this way of thinking. Many have decided what their life purpose is and they decided they way they want to run their life purpose, which is not necessary the way the Universe wants it. Is the way our ego wants it. Hence, we face all the objection the Universe can put on the way, and our life get lots of obstacles, until we hit what in M&Y calls THE MACK TRUCK, and our life face a complete halt, which make us to contemplate what the Universe wants from us, rather what we want.

When we look fearless into our Be-ingness/Blueprint, we will learn how to “contemplate” what is happening around us. For me contemplation is looking inwards of us, searching for the answers that lay deep in us.

As a basic requirements for us to get answers, we must 1st ask questions; is clear that no questions, no answers. However many confuse “contemplation” with the activity of “meditation”, or become a hermit, or spend weeks in isolation. During our Sentosa’s “3 in one session” I shared the concept of “the unseen 99%” using Bucky’s definition of human being. Bucky managed to get this and so many other truths by contemplating what is happening around him and inside him. By contemplating inside him Bucky accessed to his BE-ingness, and this is why I believe he was able to “see the invisible 99% surrounding us” and connect the Generalize Principle with our daily activity - his Law of Precession Effect is a clear case of the results of this contemplation. Why most of us are not able to see what he managed to see? Because most of us are more into the “Do-ingness” than into the “Be-ingness”, thus we can only see the “visible 1%”. I don’t know you, but in my case I discovered when I do too much without the proper “Be-ingness” supporting it behind. What I am actually was doing is hindering the help that the Universe was trying to provide me; and I enter into the phenomenon of “more I do, less I get”, at the end the only thing I got is getting very tired and arriving no where near of where I wanted to go. However, the other extreme is also useless; we must keep a balance in not fall into the syndrome of “too much analysis become paralysis”. Again, for me this balance is just a feeling, it cannot be explained with words when I am in a balanced state and when I am not.

By the way, “contemplation” was exactly what Bucky did when he wanted to committed ego-suicide. He kept himself in silent mode for 3 years. During that period, he embarked in an inner journey while living a normal mundane life, and found out a “clarity” which helped him to discover incredible principles, invent wonderful things and write those profound books. He also found his life purpose, because he understood what his BE-ingness is, it can be seen by the way he lived his purposeful life. By practicing contemplation, Bucky was connected with the Universe. And by contemplating, he could decided the exact moment to leave peacefully this planet earth: after he accomplished all what he came to do here … His contemplation about life is what has inspired me to look for my own life purpose, after I found it has changed my life from making a living to LIVE life to the fullest!

Once we start applying the “Secret” in our daily life activities, we will sure notice changes in the way we live life, because we will “attract unconsciously” all things we need in an effortless way to fulfill our life purpose. The Laws of Attraction is directly related to our Be-ingness, which is related to our Blue Print, which is related to our Life Passion, which is related to our Life Purpose.

If after applying the Universal Laws purposely, our life has not moved to a different level, it is very possible that we are still on the plane of “paralysis because of too much analysis”. In simple words, we are still in the “I Know Syndrome”. We have not developed the right feelings that only can be acquired by DOING it. But if after we applied the Laws, our life become more complicated because we keep “attracting the wrong things and/or persons”, there is an attraction force that is “flaying beneath the radar”. We need to contemplate and correct the source feeling in our Blueprint that has made the so call “wrong” attraction. Attracting the wrong “stuff” is still the Law of Attracting in motion…

All these had happened in my life because 6 years ago I had the curiosity to know more about the Universal Laws….Living following the Universal Laws change lives, it has change mine and I hope it also will change your life.

In the mean time, I believe Colin, Siew Kiang and Clinton will be able to contribute their own experiences to the discussion of the Secret, since they recently have gain valuable experience during my program in Kuala Lumpur.

A big hug to all Bucky members, and looking forward to see you before the end of 2006,

Enrique Tsou

To Market to market... 5th Dec 2006

He is going to land on somebody’s plate.

Gulf Architecture - 4th Dec 2006

An another sharp one. Riyadh.

Gulf Architecture - 29th Nov 2006

Another building with very sharp edges. Al-Faisaliah Buidling

Gulf Architecture - 29th Nov 2006

Isn’t this cute?

Desert Rain

It was raining when I arrived in Riyadh. Weather at about 25C and sunny, is lovely the rest of the day though.

Gulf Hospitality - 28th Nov 2006

This is the lovely hotel Gulf Air let me stay in while on transit in Bahrain for 8 hours. They even fed me lunch! This is welcome hospitality but very uncommon elsewhere outside the Gulf region. Perhaps this is a carry-over from their traditional desert culture, where every visitor to your land must have come a long hard way and are tired, so you give him a place to sleep and something to eat.

Good that they keep this culture. We all must remember what to keep when we “progress” in our societies.

Thank you Gulf Air.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Gulf Architecture

New constructions in Bahrain. Wonder why the Gulf region loves buildings with sharp edges. Any Feng Shui expert care to comment?

Up in the skies

I’m up in the skies again!

It’s amazing to know that a huge aircraft can be floating so far above the ground carrying such a load. More amazing to know that the Universal Laws for the mechanics of the aircraft have always been there, even way before the invention of aircrafts.

Visitors' Carpark - 26 Nov 2006

Visitors are always shooed to the furthest car park in Singapore and Malaysia. This is very different from places I see in Europe and Australia. There, visitors are given the closest car park lots to the building or access points.

Have we so easily forgotten our much touted “Asian Values” of being hospitable to our visitors? Visitors are afterall customers that pays the salaries. I think businesses and organisations here have their business priorities upside down!

105 Universal Laws Notes - Part 2

26 Nov 2006

These posts are back-dated. Somehow, I could not get it uploaded whilst I was in Saudi Arabia.

105 Universal Laws – 26 Nov 2006

This posting is based on what I have learned from the "105 Universal Laws" seminar on the 26th Nov 2006 in Singapore by Dr Aaron Lim. This seminar comprises a series of lectures conducted one Sunday a month, stretching 6 months. This is the fourth lecture of the series.

Warning: This posting contains opinions that may be considered unacceptable by some people. If you are easily offended by unconventional views about religion and spiritualism, then DO NOT READ FURTHER THAN HERE.
If you do, then do it at your own risk! If you do not agree with the views expressed below, it does not mean that you have not 'arrived', rather it just mean that you 'do not agree'. Meanwhile, try to be open. There are lots to discover about ourselves when we are open. Do feel free to leave comments.

The Observer and The Doer

A warm welcome to some of you who are new to the seminar. For this seminar, keep your hearts and minds open. Make no judgments. Judgments are those silent comments you make about a person that you don’t normally voice out. Believing is not compulsory in this seminar. There is no conversion here. If you leave this seminar having learned something, so much the better.

Just like a buffet, you take what you like. And just like a buffet, no two persons will leave having accepted and learned the same things. There are some who eat by quality, some by quantity; some fast, some slow. Everyone come at different times and no two persons take the same quantities and the same dishes.

This is just like Life. We decide what we want on our plate. Some have their plates FULL (Hell). There is an Inner Voice that decide what we take and what we put back.

Whoever eats will fill his own stomach. I cannot eat and you fill your stomach, and vice versa. Even between couples, the spiritual development is different, for they are each taking the different spiritual dishes in different quantities and different times.

We can be an observer in our life this way. If we are an observer in life, we become wiser. Over time, the observer and the doer becomes one. It is like the expert cook when he is cooking. He has become one with his dish, his wok, his fire and ingredients. He knows exactly what to throw in by how much and when to do that, but can’t explain why. By becoming the observer, we start to see the underlying principle in seemingly different things.

Take the example of a Tudung (headscarfed) Muslim woman and a trendy teenager wearing revealing hipster jeans low till just above the crouch. On the surface, they look very different. One conservative, the other liberal to the extent of an exhibitionist. They both are trying to strike an identity for themselves. To be tudung-ed to belong to the custom. Same thing for the teenager, to be outrageously revealing to be in the fashion - to belong. The need to stay in an exclusive group is a show of insecurity. The commonality between the tudung woman and the sexily revealing teen, in the example, is therefore insecurity.

Take another example between a tribal woman with her lower lip extended by a circular plate and a modern urban woman who put on lipsticks. To the tribal man, the extended lip is sexy and beautiful. Likewise the modern man finds a woman with lipstick beautiful. So the commonality between the two women is that they are both trying to look beautiful even though it may not be apparent on the surface.

So do not get caught in the superficial aspects of life. It is like a Tsunami. It is all turbulent and violent on the surface, but deep down the bottom it is still. If you are at the bottom when the Tsunami happens, you will not be swept away.

So be IN this world, not OF this world.

All there is, is LOVE. All else are not permanent and much of them are mere dramas of life. Our blessings come from people, and the safest place is to love unconditionally. Be like water. Water fits with the container unconditionally, in total harmony with its nature, not out of fear.

A secure person doesn’t get carried away by the events of the time. They are comfortable and at peace with themselves. They don’t have to follow fashion. Often, they dress the way they want, and do not follow fashion. That is why people who are great often walk his path alone. It doesn’t have to be, but this is commonly the case.

Living in the Moment

When a person is angry, normally he has an issue with the subject he is confronting. We must learn to be well and happy. Then we can give. There is a prayer that goes:

“Dear God,
Grant me the serenity to accept things I can’t change and the courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference. And the difference is ME. May I be well and happy.”

In the bible, there was a man called Jobs. Jobs live a surrendered life, a life surrendered to God. ( By the way, “Islam” means “surrender”.) Jobs’ wife did not live a surrendered life. If we don’t live a surrendered life, we will live life looking back and not living in the moment. In other words, we become immobilized.

In the story, Jobs’ wife was told to go through the cave without turning back otherwise she will be turned to stone. She understood that very well, but at some point could not resist the temptation to look back and turned herself into stone. This parable is to teach us not to look back in life, but live in the moment. And live every moment gloriously.

We have to change to mobilize ourselves and move forward. Unless there is a fundamental change, superficial changes will not take us away from where we are entrenched.

In Alignment

Religions are not in alignment with everyday life today. Religious teachings must sink into the soul to make the followers feel. If we feel, we won’t forget. There are many events we go through in our lives and we forget most of what happened. But those that we feel for, we never forget.

We should spend time walking in nature to get in alignment. Nature has its ways of calming ourselves down and getting us back in alignment. This is our sense of True Self, and our sense of peacefulness. The bible says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

God talks with us all the time, but we can’t hear because we are not quiet.

*Law of Cyclic Returns*

Basically you can call this Law of Recycling. This is the wheel of reincarnation (samsara). Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It changes form. The spirits move with the same habits left from the previous embodiment into the new form.

People with similar habits are attracted to each other. We eventually move around with people of the same consciousness.

Perfection creates perfection. So sin is impossible, for sin (by definition only) is imperfection. We must work towards perfection and be beneficial to other human beings. As long as we are in human body, we will have human emotions.

Cause and Effect

Once words are put out, there is no retrieving. Once thoughts are put out there is no taking back. So have loving thoughts. Love even those that hate you.

If we have no attachment to the ‘effects’, then there is no suffering. Eventually, all causes must be balanced with effects. Thoughts of fear will all be transformed into Love.

The Singer or The Song

What should we remember? The singer or the song?

There are some who question whether Jesus did indeed existed.
Does it matter?

Jesus never said “worship me”. He said “follow me”.
The important thing is the message, that it is so that you will remember and be enlightened. We have delusionally believed that we have ‘left’. Fear will keep us there (lost).

*Law of Right to Decree*

This is not a prayer. It is to say it as you want it to be and it will happen.

Those who have more, will have more added to them.

Those who do not have, will have more taken away from them.

Right to invocate comes from fullness. I say so, so it is.
Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will be added to you.

You can’t think your way into enlightenment. You got to FEEL! Inspiration is from feeling!

*Law of Discipline*

There are Initiates, Followers and Disciples.
Many are called, but few are chosen.

*Law of Disintegration*

Clearly explained by the phrase “from dust to dust”. Eventually, all matter will disintegrate.

*Law of Divine Flow*

Does it bring me to my highest good? Release and let go. Let the Spirit direct the flow. Trust. Always have the trust that the divine will take you to your highest good. Everything will flow according to its time.

*Law of Divine Love and Oneness*

“Uni-verse” means one-song.

*Law of Economy*

The Universe is economical with its energy to give the greatest amount of creation. That’s why we don’t have affinity for people who takes too much of our energy. We avoid troublesome people. They take too much energy.

Conversely, the more we can save the energy of other people, the more they will love us. Remember, nobody have to live their life for us.

*Law of Equalities of Analogy*

As above

As within ---------+--------- As beyond

As below

*Law of Expansion*

The Universe will expands and then contracts.

*Law of Expectation*

If you have expectations, you will live in pain.
Try to live a day without expectations and see what happens.

The seminar ended here.

Next seminar date: 28 Jan 2007
Time: 9.30am to 5pm
Place: Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Lecture Theatre 1, Singapore
Fee: $30, for meals and drinks

All Welcome!

All financial surpluses from the seminar go to the orphanages that Dr Aaron Lim supports.