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Thursday, September 07, 2006

As it is Within, so it is Beyond

I have been clearing the clutter in my life over the last few weeks. This includes both the inside and outside of me. At the recent COMEX fair at the Singapore Expo, I even bought a robot vacuum cleaner to help me do that.(Okay, this one can only help with the 'outside') :)

From this exercise of clearing my clutter, I am convinced that what is within, it is also beyond. Our actions are from our thoughts. Our thoughts make us and make the physical environment we live in.

My place has been a mess for a long time - a result of a busy lifestyle and neglecting things that don't bite back instantly. :) So, it shouldn't have surprised me when I found out from my sinseh (Chinese physician) that my bad neck and back are a result of accumulated toxins in the liver. I guess late nights, stress and bad dietary habits probably contributed to that. Mind you, I'm not even a frequent drinker of alcohol.

Since clearing my physical environment, I feel better and also along with it, my better physical health.

Try that! Try clearing the clutter in your life. This include the lingering commitments we never get to fulfill, emotional hangups, trivial tasks that we want doing, but never got around it, etc. Clear them and you will certainly feel better.

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