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Sunday, October 08, 2006

An Online Guide To Dream Interpretation

An Online Guide To Dream Interpretation

I use this dream dictionary in the link above. It has been a useful guide to help to interprete my dreams. I think keeping a dream journal has helped me understand what goes on in my sub-conscious better. In my journal, I record every detail possible in the dream including how I felt during that time. The latter, my emotions during the dream, help me to interprete the symbolic aspects of the dream better. Remember dream dictionaries are only general guides, ultimately, it is you who will understand your dream best.

One day, as I was going through my dream journal, I realised that I have already met a new acquaintance five months ago - in a dream! I had recorded the dream five months before, but had forgotten entirely about it. The description of her, down to her character and what she wore was accurate to the dot! I was amazed! :)

1 comment:

Nishant said...

Hi Michael,

I believe in the concept of maintaining a Dream Journal. I do it, though not frequently.

There are unlimited stories of how people came out with their inventions by dreaming about them. Some people, it is reported, even averted accidents by knowing about them via their dreams.

Well, one of my dreams even revealed how a magic trick is performed!! Also, I could think of doing a trick in different ways in some of my dreams. My hobby is magic, BTW.

The site which you pointed is a great start for people who want to know how to benefit from their dreams!