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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Kalachakra Process - from the Teachings of Sri Kaleshwar (1st draft)

I attended the Kalachakra Process facilitated by two of Sri Kaleshwar's students, Jonathan D. Rosen and Alx Uttermann, who came to Singapore over the weekend of 17-18th March 2007.
"Kalachakra" in Sanskrit literally means "wheel of time".
It is said that once we have gone through the process, then "time cannot bite us that easily"; and that when we know the beauty of the Kalachakra, we will be on our way to fix the blocks, our illusions, and our heartbreaks... among other benefits.
The central activity of the process was to draw the Kalachakra Yantra and etch it onto a copper sheet. Copper is chosen because it could absorb vibrations very well when it is charged during the fire homa. The Yantra is beautiful and I felt a therapeutic escape etching it on the copper sheet - reminescence of the good old days in art class in school.
The Process took about 12 hours. I was a little tired when we finished as it was very humid being in a room in the tropics without air-conditioning, with 20 people. The fire homa smoke was also choking and uncomfortable, though the facilitator said that it was purifying to the soul.
The day after, I felt a strange kind of fatigue, as it was neither a physical nor mental one. It was as if something deeper inside is tired, but don't know where. We were warned about this fatigue the day before, and that this is merely the purification of the soul. Along the fatigue, I also experienced the bliss, just like when I did after the 7-Day Transformation Journey. I was so blissful, I didn't even want to talk, preferring to enjoy the silence.
My friends who attended the Process had the same feeling about the bliss. Nothing seems to matter much anymore. In my drive back home the following evening, there was a thunderstorm with poor visibility and a traffic jam on the highway, but I was unperturbed. Instead, I was enjoying the sounds of the numerous raindrops hitting the car. The sounds of the peter-paters come to me in such high-clarity. It's like I have upgraded my cheap AM radio to an expensive hi-fi set. Everything just looked and felt so beautiful, well synchronised like part of a universal orchestra! A feeling and thought that fascinates even myself and can be understood better by experiencing it.
I am now into the 14th day of chanting the mantras. We have to chant 108 times for 101 days. On the first day of chanting, I slipped into a deep trance... time virtually stood still till I came back to the 'foreground' I was already three or four beads away from the 108 counts of chanting (we count with a Mala (beads)).
So far, friends who sees me comment that I look very radiant. I feel more relaxed and events seems to flow smoothly. We shall see how the Kalachakra manifests itself further after the 101 days of chanting. 101 days sound like a long time right now, but I intend to stay the course! Watch this space!


jupilier said...

During the first few days, I felt really tired chanting the mantras. They are all in Sanskrit and are not intelligible to me without my referring to the explanatory notes.

I heard it would still benefit me without understanding the meaning of the mantras, but it will be better if I do. So now I try to consciously think about what the mantras mean when I chant.

I am now on Day 21 of my chanting.

BTW, I learn that it is not only Buddhists and Hindus that chant, Catholics and Muslims also do.


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