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Monday, September 03, 2007

Selling Fear Part 4 - Turning the Other Cheek

Old people are not easy to handle. Despite my good intentions and effort to secure an appointment with the massage auntie (a famous one) for my mother, she refused to come along. She said she is afraid of the pain even though she acknowledged that it did helped her the last time. *sigh* All my efforts went to waste - taking time off my schedule and going out of the way to take her there.
It is difficult for depressive people to look at the bright side of life. To compound matters, it is easy for people around these depressive people to look at the dark side of life, to focus on the darkness and get depressed themselves. Such a fatal downward spiral. Like they say, if you can't beat them, join them! haha.
However, there has been a turnaround lately. After the arrival of my little niece, my mother has been enlivened. She said that it is very amusing to see the little baby's face and hold her little finger. At last, there is some light cast on her life again!
It is like she has turned the other cheek - turning away from facing fear (the fear of dying) - to facing love (the love for my little niece). Isn't it amazing? Once light is shone, the shadows automatically disappears. We can't make the shadows disappear by focusing on the shadows. Fear are the shadows in our lives. If we focus on love, fear disappears.

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