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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rewards 2 - Rewards for Living

I have a friend who says that his vocation is 'to live'. He says that living is the main thing he does. "To really be living is such an important thing that many people busy in a haste forget", he says. Can I call him a "liver"? hehe
This friend of mine had backpacked the world for four years, and subsequently in the years that follow, work on projects he feels are worthy. These projects are usually unpaid work. Voluntary work that serves human kind.
It has been nearly a year since I last spoke to him. During that time, he had left for New Zealand and China to do humanitarian and environmental protection work - mostly paid by his personal savings and whatever that comes along. My friend set out with little money, and only with the passion and sincerity of helping others and saving the earth. Money are paid out to him often by people he merely met for a while and having related to them what he has been doing. These near strangers wrote cheques to him because they say they support the work that he is doing.
Then the other day, as he was going to buy his new laptop, a company paid for it. He got it free!
I believe all these are Providence to one who truly believes in what he does and fearlessly moves to give the world what he has to make it a better place. I believe once the heart is in the right place, then can resources flow seamlessly to aid the noble objectives that one truly wants to achieve. But for that to happen, Fear has to be packed away, then can Providence flow in.
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Clara said...

Wow! What an inspiring life to live so passionately! This takes great faith - to be so free & fearless or despite fear to do what he believes in! What I aspired when younger, yet the biggest "limp" I went out on was to go trekking/backpacking for 4 months in Nepal & India. Kudos to your friend!

jupilier said...

Kudos to you too Clara. 4 months backpacking in the Nepal and India is what many people wouldn't be unable to do for themselves.