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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Remembering My Good O Days!

I am blessed with a good memory, somehow better than many others. I drew this picture when I was in the Singapore Polytechnic Welfare Services Club. It is a nostalgic piece. I can remember vividly, the hive of activities then. Some will be typing letters on noisy typewriters seeking sponsors for our projects in the old folks home, children's outings, Christmas celebrations, Moon Cake festivals, etc; others hang around with their guitars singing 'welfare songs', ie. songs with motivational lyrics for welfare work; some rehearsing sketches for the celebrations; and yet others doing their homework and fallen asleep... etc. Our volunteers spent much of their student life there - in the club room. To me it WAS my life! Fond memories like these can easily mesmerise me for hours.
Many years have now passed, we have all graduated, got jobs, raised families and take on different hobbies and lifestyles. Some are driven by events of chasing after more money, bigger houses, bigger cars, ...etc. I guess many are overtaken by events in post-graduation. Memories of those intense activities have faded for many. For me, it is as real as it had happened yesterday, but surprisingly, for many much is forgotten. To them, they cannot remember all the fun of spending the many hours there - cooking dinner, practising bamboo dance, studying together, and finally rushing for the last bus. As they have forgotten, so these activities did not happen to them.
The conscious mind is an elusive instument. The past that is real to me, is totally non-existent to some of my friends.
I have similar experiences with dreams. As I lay on my bed, I remember the dream to monumental detail and could even tell my conscious mind how to remember them. Yet, when I get out of bed, into the shower and then by breakfast, all is forgotten. By the end of the day, it "didn't happen"!
Similar mismatches can happen with 'observations'. Sometimes, in a scenario, I can see something in it, but no matter how I describe and try to convince my friends, they cannot see that 'something'. To me I can see that 'something' and it is real, but to my friends, that 'something' does not exist. So I got on to argue that it exists, but my friends insist it does not. They just don't get it!
Conversely, there are times when my friends will argue very strongly about something. They are certain that they are right. But then, they would wouldn't they? Otherwise they wouldn't be arguing so passionately about it. So don't get upset with them. Are they blinded? Are they seeing 'shadows'? Maybe, I don't know, but for sure whatever they see is true to them, and not true to me, unless they can lead me to see the same as they do.
To be headstrong about something without considering what the other party sees, would lead to disharmony and fallacies. From these fundamental assumptions, a belief system is then constructed, and held as the unassailable truth. It is only upon one of the fundamental assumptions being disproved, that the entire collossal belief system collapses.
Therefore, it is prudent to constantly listen to our inner-self to check if we are leading ourselves into a fallacy. In stillness, this will be revealed. It would be helpful to be patient and see what the other persons see. By looking at different angles can the blindspots be cleared.
Religions often look at life solely from their own dogma. This create blindspots in their followers, since no matter how, we cannot cover all dimensions with a single dogma. By looking at life openly through the eyes of many religions, philosophies and cultures, likewise, many blindspots will be cleared.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now that the picture is a lot clearer, I can see that is is the exact replica of the old clubhouse, where I started out and by the 2nd year we had moved over to 'UP-THE-HILL'.
Yes, those were fun times indeed. And I remember it all very vividly as well. Perhaps for some people, if they had not left any impression during their Club years, they might as well 'forget' the whole episode. It may be painful for some...I guess.