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Friday, August 01, 2008

Bucky Group 30b - Leonardo Da Vinci

Below is an email from Clinton, a Bucky Group member after the Leonardo DaVinci documentary screening last Saturday at Hair Affair in Singapore.


Many thanks for your ongoing contribution, adding much variety to the topics being discussed at the Group. Leonardo da Vinci is of particular interest to me, especially in the areas of " whole brain thinking " and "sytems thinking". I marvel at the fact that more than 500 years after his time, the world is only his realising his genius, his masterpieces and discoveries. To think with just paint brush in hand, colours, canvas or wall, some egg yolk and a lot of imagination, perserverence, the rest of the world is able to have a life-like impression of ' The Last Supper '.
To think too that LDV was already expounding the 'whole brain thinking' concept 450 years before Dr. Roger Sperry in 1953 ( inconjuction with Prof Robert Ornstein ), was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for his ground breaking work in this area. Through my own work and interest in this subject in, I am totally convinced that man's genius lies in making greater use of both the left and right brain for learning, thinking and creating, thus turning one's brain into a multiplication machine, not an adding tool.
Man is wired to be a genius. It was Bucky who once said that " Man wasborn a genius. It is living that degeniuses him". And if I may add, using more of just one side of his brain through sheer habit, and becoming left or right brain DOMINANT! I think the genius of Bucky would probably not be fully realised for another 100-200 years.
As for 'systems thinking', it all began with the universe itself, I would think. Everything else is a sub, sub, sub.... system. PeterSenge's " Fifth Discipline' is an excellent read on this.
See you guys around.
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