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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cat's Play 3

Go play with a cat when you have time. It is a great escape from the daily grind if you are a busy person forgetting about yourself.
I know of someone who was very depressed until one day when she saw three kittens in a cardboard box outside the supermarket, with a sign, "Please take one". The three kittens were lovely and were shivering in the cold, or perhaps also out of fear in the strange surroundings waiting for someone to adopt them. She picked up one of the kittens, and since then, has gradually recovered from her depression. When we 'turn the other cheek' to face love, in this case, of loving the kitten, the darkness and depression disappears. We can't move darkness, but by shining light on it, the darkness disappears.
The kitten was her saviour. Saviours do not have to come with supernatural powers, a bolt of lightning and a deep thunderous voice that echoes across the skies. They can be as simple as an abandoned and helpless kitten. Actually, if we look around in our daily life, there are many seemingly ordinary mundane entities that have much to offer us, waiting for us to respond and acknowledge,... that is, if we really listen hard enough.

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