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Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Power of Numbers - The Secret Letter Box

Straits Times article 7 September 2010.

A peddlar of illegal contraband (un-taxed and smuggled) cigarettes was caught hiding his merchandise in a public housing (HDB) flat letter box. Notice that the letter box number is "10-5111".
According to numerology...
10-51-11 breaks down to:
1 = Lone initiative
51= Obstacle alone (meaning he gets through his obstacle alone).
11= Alone alone (meaning that it is a lone operation).
10-51-11 adds to
62 = "money talks", well why else would he be up to no-good?
1-62 further adds to
8= Stress
1-8= Alone Stressed!
1-8 finally adds to
9 = Business
In summary, this is a lone operation where he had an obstacle of hiding his merchandise for the sake of making money. This stressed him and he runs it as a business.
Mere coincidence?

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han han zhong said...

Did anyone knows how to find an universal life code?i want to know about it in order to help familly and you mind to share with me?