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Monday, November 21, 2011

Kid's Play

Kids grow up and leave their Garden of Eden. Childhood fades away as the attraction to the opposite sex becomes more enticing as it is to the instinct to procreate. Now, the innocent clarity blurs, the photographic memory falters and visions are filtered by layers of conditioning.

Bring back the child in us - the divinity that  lies within. Nothing has ever been lost, they have just been forgotten.
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Frances/Lu Li said...

Yo Jupiter(oops i mean,'-pilier')

add "Lu Li" on FB~
Many awesome photos through a child's eyes.. must share!

the chirpy red flower that posed in front of your favourite giant leaves~
got it?

jupilier said...

To many Lu Li's and Li Lu's. Can't find you on Fb.

Frances.D.Lu said...

How do i find u, my fren?
(but if u prefer to stay unfound, i am cool too~ except i'd miss all ya awesome action! ;p)