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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Jim Carrey's Commencement Address, Mahrashi University of Management Graduation 2014

A very inspiring speech by Jim Carey.

The entire speech is inspiring and the one minute starting from 10'18" sums it all.
When confronted between Love and Fear, choose Love.  I believe that we all know that, but many are too afraid to take that leap of faith. Isn't it funny?

Friday, April 24, 2015

In Memory of Dr Aaron Tiansoo Lim

It took me a few weeks to get over this. Dr Aaron Tiansoo Lim passed away peacefully in the morning of 19th January 2015. I heard that he was having some heart problems since December last year.

I learned so much from Dr Aaron's classes. He often reminded us that he was not teaching us anything new, rather, he was just helping us to remember what we already know, but have forgotten. More importantly, he showed us how it is possible to live a wealthy and spiritual life of material abundance. That being spiritual does not mean having to be materially poor, nor letting others walk all over you. This, we have heard of many times, but it was easier to live it when we can see someone else living it before our eyes.

Many of us have learned a lot from Dr Aaron from his classes like:
-       A Course In Miracles
-       105 Universal Laws
-       Spiritual Parenting
-       Rich People, Poor People
-       Face Reading
If you are interested to learn what we have learned in his classes, click here.
His classes were spiced with anecdotes of his colourful life - from his kampong days; the time he was a boy etching a living as an errand boy for the famous Rose Chan outside cabarets; his sleeping rough in carparks for lack of a home; his stint as a Fulbright-Hays Scholar in the US; as a Professor at  Bringham Young University in Hawaii; and his later years as an entrepreneur in Malacca.
I visited Dr Aaron in Malacca several times, also to help at the Blessed Kitchen he set up serving free lunches to the needy once a month. He told me that he merely took the initiative to start, and soon after, attracted many volunteers and food sponsors. He said, "There are many out there who are willing to serve. You just need to help everyone get started."

Dr Aaron probably didn't let anyone outside the family and very close friends know about his illness.

I happened to send him my script for a film on the 5th December 2014 for his review and got a quick reply. It read:

 "That's such wonderful news, dear Michael. It's difficult to write a perfect script but if anyone has the talent to write one, it is you. I am anxious to see the final movie. Take care and good night. Much love always. Tiansoo"

Leaving no hint of his illness. He once told us he did not like telling anyone when he is ill, for soon after, he will get a deluge of ‘greetings’ reminding him that he is sick. Like, “Get well soon”,…etc. His point is that we are what we think, and so the trick is not to be consistently reminded of thoughts we do not want, or do not need.
The passing of Dr Aaron has reminded me to live the spiritual life, turn the other cheek to love and harmony and watch my thoughts. For thoughts become things and become what I will experience for myself.
He once went through with us in class of “What is this Aaron Lim?”, as an exercise of who we are.
“Is it just a name? it cannot be just a name, for any name can be my name. A name is just a label. Or is it just a body? If so, after my death, my body will lay there motionless. Is that me? I don’t think so. The ‘me’ has gone. It is lifeless. The spirit has departed the body.”
A few months have passed, but I am still saddened by Dr Aaron’s departure from this human plane. He once told me that the departure from one plane is the birth in another plane. I don’t know where he is now, but who knows we will meet again someday somewhere.