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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Power of Numbers

The Pythagorean Triangle
I have recently attended a workshop about the metaphysical study of numbers called "The Power of Numbers" in Singapore.
The Power of Numbers is discovered by Dr Oliver Tan, from Numbers Academy Singapore, after in-depth studies into the formulas of Feng Shui derived from the numerology of Lo Shu and He Tu, the Indian analysis of numerology and Numbers practised during the Sumerian times. He discovered that Numerology is the driving force of all metaphysics and is a very important key to decoding many underlining principles of occult sciences such as Chinese Feng Shui, Ba Zi, Indian Numerology, the Kabbala system, Tarot card readings...etc.
In the preview, I found the readings based on my birthdate stunningly accurate. Dr Tan says that our universe vibrates on Numbers.
Basically, numbers are symbols enumerating more than mere quantity. Every number mean something. In the course, we learned how the entries in the pythagorean triangle are calculated, what each digit, each pair of digits and each pattern of digit configuration mean.
However, there is no such thing as fate, ie. that everything in your life is fixed. However, there is 'destiny'. Destiny depends on your journey and the freewill you exercise during your journey. Your numbers based on your birthdate identifies your potential when you are born as influenced by the planets and stars.
For those that have undesirable character traits and potentials arising from your numbers, do not fret, as there are simple remedies. Knowing your potential destiny itself is 50% chance that you will avoid the undesirable traits, as your sub-conscious mind starts working to protect yourself. It is akin to the 50% chance of not getting wet once you have heard tomorrow's weather forecast. The remedies encourage you to be spiritual/religious, charitable and positive thinking. 
So in the end, it still amounts to putting love first. When you put love first, everything will fall in place. That probably explains why most religions discourage their followers to consult fortune tellers or astrologers. For if they believe in their faith absolutely and practised its teachings diligently, then what undesirable traits they carry along in this incarnation will be cleansed. Much like the Christians say how believing in Jesus will cleanse our sins. All religions and faiths ultimately converges and are consistent with one another.
And that is why it is also very difficult (if at all) to read highly spiritual people. These people are ascended to put love first in everything they do that it does not matter anymore what numbers they are born with.
Lastly, is it worthwhile to learn the metaphysics of numbers?
I think it is, as it has helped me to understand myself and others better. I now see people and their plights and even my own plights differently. Perhaps I have become more forgiving and understanding that some people are just born with such potentials and are unfortunately unable to walk away from their life's calamities unassisted. They may like to seek to rediscover themselves through religion or spiritual practices. 
For the (perhaps) rare few that are already highly ascended or elevated, then it is not necessary to study about numbers. You are above it all.

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Anonymous said...


was wondering if you have a copy of Dr Oliver Tan's book entitled,"The Power of Numbers". I like to buy a copy.

jupilier said...

I do have a copy. You probably can get one from the Numbers Academy Singapore.

Anonymous said...

A valuable post and it much helpfull to all.Thanks a lot for your post.

Karim - Positive thinking

jupilier said...


I am glad you like the post.
Thank you for visiting Vacuum State.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Ive recently come across something about this power number formula in that you can change the values of the numbers in the birth date and get the same result, meaning: say for 7/12/96... 7+1+2+9+6=25, 2+5=7 (this we know)... but if you change the values.. 71+29+6=106, 1+0+6= 7... or, 712+96=808, 8+0+8=16, 1+6=7. So you can change the values of the numbers and get the same result, can you tell me more about this?

jupilier said...

Dear Anonymous

There is an error in your calculation. You omitted the first 2 digits of the year. The date you show is 7/12/1996, so the correct answer should have been:

7+(1+2) + (1+9) + (9+6)
= 7+3 + 1+6
= 1+7

Your other combinations are academic, for there is no such date as: 71/29/6 or

However, I guessed you wanted to ask if 7/12/1996 and 12/7/1996 will give you the same resultant root number of 8, and the answer is 'YES'.

People born in these 2 dates have the same root number and same basic character. However, the other combinations of numbers are different, and therefore other differences between their characters.

???? said...

what i understand is that people who are born in jan & oct will have the same number pattern, feb & nov,....mar & dec too, if they were born in the same year or years that add up to have the same numbers,...e.g. 1968 & 1986.

jupilier said...

The day the person is born counts too! Unless both are born on the same day in the month too.

Anonymous said...


Can I check if the book contain all the information on the calculation and interpretion of the result?
Or are that things that are not covered in the book and you need to attend the course to understand how to interpret it?


jupilier said...

Dear Anonymous 07JAN09:1006H

The book has some gaps, so it is necessary to attend the course to get the full grasp. Also, character traits are best understood in a face-to-face lecture than by mere printed word, and for that, Dr Tan illustrates them very well spiced with much fun and humour.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how I can get a copy of the book. I tried calling number academy but the phone was not picked up.

In addition, you mentioned that there are some gaps in the book.
How much of a gap is it?
Does it cover more than 90% of what is taught in the course?

jupilier said...

Dear Anonymous

The book doesn't cover that much as you said.

Anonymous said...

Can you read mine 09 March 1965 ?


kenny said...

wow, thats sounds interesting. I still cannot fully understand, but i think i like to find the book at my nearest bookstore. anyway, thx for sharing about this topic!

jeff ng said...

Hi there, i know this is a post which is obviously years ago.. but somehow i m seriously interested in this power of numbers thinggy... can u help me and do my birthdate calculation as i can get the figure but i dont really know what it means.. by the way my birthdate is 24/6/1986 and gender male. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

good day, im so nterestd to kn0w bout this,, i cnt find d bo0k power of numbers hre n brunei . my bday is 27/01/1983.i would really appreciate ur reply.thanx

jupilier said...

Dear all

Please note that due to overwhelming response, I am unable to give free readings anymore.


Anonymous said...

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kellyooi said...

i am interesting for the book of "the power of numbers". may i know where can i buy the book?

Anonymous said...

Dont be fools and let numbers determine your future.

jupilier said...

Dear Anonymous

Thank you for reminding our readers not be fools to let Numbers determine our future.

I absolutely agree with you. While we are endowed with certain potentials or shortcomings at birth, we must not allow them to have any hold on us. That is why understanding your Numbers will bring forth awareness.

It is through awareness that we take control of our life. For instance, if I were to tell you with certainty that it is going rain tomorrow, you will stand more than a fair chance of keeping yourself dry, as you can be equipped with an umbrella or a raincoat.

This is same with your life. Once you know your Numbers, you know your potential and your character, you take control and YOU determine your future, not the NUMBERS.

Of course there are other ways towards self realisation. If you are to follow a religion, read the Bible (or other Good Book), attend church, have fellowship and achieve the same, so much the better.

Thanks for your comment.

Garry Garry said...

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