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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Face and Destiny

This are the notes I scribbled down during the one-day "Face and Destiny" seminar facilitated by Fengshui Master Joey Yap ( on the 13th August 2006. About a thousand people attended the seminar.

Joel Yap is born in the United States but grew up in Malaysia. He practises classical Fengshui which focuses on the topography of the ground and energy flow. In like manner, he treats the face also as a physiology where energy flows and features like moles and pimples would affect one's destiny.

Note though that nothing is permanent and nothing is fixed and fated. Facial features change, and most of all, we can change our destiny by changing ourselves. It is as simple as that. Changing ourselves deep in our heart changes everything. Otherwise, even changing our facial features through cosmetic surgery would not help.

I find Master Yap's presentation clear and entertaining, often spiced with many old and beautiful poetic sayings in Cantonese.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Growing Old...

Alas, I found some time to write, thanks to some of friends who have persistently sent me sms to push me. I realise blogging is no longer just leisurely, it comes with some 'responsibilities'. :)

I am inspired to write about 'growing old' after meeting up with Sister Teresa Hsu at the Theosophical Society Singapore Lodge on the 12th August 2006. Sister Teresa Hsu is born in the year 1898. This makes her 108 years young! At her age, Sister Teresa does Yoga everyday, reads extensively and helps old folks a lot younger than herself. Perhaps it is her active life and love for people that have kept her going and made her forget to grow old.

She also has an amazingly sharp and witty sense of humour. Throughout the talk at the Lodge, she kept the floor stuck to their seats and laugh our stomachs off with her funny answers to our questions.

After a brief introductory video about herself, she spoke for about fifteen minutes where she told us that when she was young, the family was so poor that when nobody was watching, she would pick up some blades of grass and eat. Then, she resolve that if she can one day, she would make sure than no one she knows of will ever have to survive by eating blades of grass.

One day in 1931 in Shanghai, coming out of a restaurant after a meal, she saw a beggar outside. As she had no money to give the beggar, she held his hand to show her gesture of support. The beggar then turned around and told her that though she did not give him any money, her warm hold on his hand is better than any money he has gotten for the day, as some people would just throw coins at him without even looking at him. This further inspired Sister in her quest to help people in need.

One of the most memorable incidents was when she was in Singapore, along the corridors of the one-room apartment block. She noticed that a few doors further from where she stood, there was an apartment that had the door opened ajar and also with no lights in it. Thinking that that was odd, as if there were people in it, the lights would be switched on, otherwise, it could be that the owner had forgotten to lock the door.

As she approached the door to the apartment, she saw an old woman inside lying on the floor near the door. She said she had fallen down three days ago and could not get up. Nobody noticed her, so she remained there and had not eaten or drank for three days. Immediately, Sister told her that she will go down to buy her some porridge for her to eat, but actually, she had gone downstairs to make a call for the ambulance. When the ambulance arrived, the old lady refused to go with the attendants as she said that whenever ambulance come for old people, they are brought to the hospital to die. Sister then told her that she was not going to the hospital to die but to go for a sight-seeing tour, and get some fresh air and sunshine. Attracted by the sight-seeing and so on, she agreed. By the time she reached the hospital, she had already fallen asleep, so she didn't complain and was brought to her bed.

In the hospital, Sister stayed by the old lady and held her hand. As she woke up, she told Sister that that was the first time anybody had held her hand so lovingly. She said that all her life, nobody said anything nice to her. Everyone that ever come to her would be scolding her. She said she was a lowly cleaner and everyone was scolding her. Sister sat next to her for six hours, holding her hand. She refused to let her go, until Sister told the old lady that while she already had her porridge, she (Sister) hasn't. With that excuse, the old lady allowed Sister to go back.

The next day, the old lady passed away. Sister said that the experience of holding her hand at the last moments of the old lady's hand was a memorable and beautiful experience.

Needless to say, the audience at the Lodge were so amazed with Sister and flooded her with so many questions, many of them actually turned out to be quite hilarious:

Q: Sister, do you think you have lived so long, because you are vegetarian?

Sister: I don't know because I don't have another life to compare. I have been vegetarian all my life. When I was small, as we lived near the sea, my auntie gave me some fish and I realised I am allergic to fish. So I have remained a vegetarian. My auntie ate fish and she died, while I am still around, so may be yes, this is proof that being vegetarian helps.

Q: When was the last time you fell sick?

Sister: In 1982, in the midst of a cold, I was given some pills meant to work against the cold had resulted in complications, as I was allergic to it. As a result, I was hospitalised and was in coma for 42 days. Everyone thought I was going to die, the priests were called in, but the heaven gates were not opened so I remained here.

Q: So how was it when you were in coma? Did you hear any voices, speak to voice or what?

Sister: I was in coma, so I was unconscious. Sorry to disappoint you, no near death experience tale to tell. (laughter)

From the audience: We are Theosophists! (we are much into these astral stuff)(to laughter)

Q: What religion do you practise?

Sister: I practise the religion of "Love my neighbour as myself"

Q: Do you believe in God?

Sister: No. How can I believe in God when I have not met him? It's either you know him or you don't, you cannot create something to believe in. That is cheating yourself.

Sharana (her assistant): But Sister, in this case, many in the audience here may be cheating themselves (laughter).

Sister: Well, everyone is free to cheat themselves if they so wish to. (To the amazement of some.)

Q: How do you raise funds to help the needy?

Sister: We don't really raise funds in an organised way, but whatever we need we get. When I need eggs, I get eggs, when I need rice, someone will give some rice, then someone else will give vegetables,... and I asked her, "Did you hear me think?", and the person who brought the veg went puzzled and said "Huh??" We always tell the people we help that we can only give when we have, and we have always been able to give.

Such is the amazing stamina and love Sister Teresa has for the people. She is indeed the grand dame of charity in Singapore. Her attitude reinforced my belief in Providence. Whatever we need will be given to us, as long as our heart is in the right place. Her secret to longevity is her simplicity and just by sharing her smile with everyone she meets. Speaking to her, we did not feel she is a 108 years old. Sister joked in the beginning of the talk that if we want to listen to her story, we need to sit there for 108 years! (To the laughter of everyone!) Sister's story is one that is so simple and yet so beautiful.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


"...from my experience, more than half the people I have read, put on a 'mask' in their daily lives."

Psychometry is the art of reading the history of physical objects or messages they convey of their owners by holding the object in one's hand and concentrating. I have learned how to do this by myself gradually over the last year.
After I have started my habit of meditation and Reiki four years ago, I have become more sensitive to vibrations of my surroundings. I feel vibes in the form of heat, pain or tingling sensations on my palms, pulsations on my third eye (between my eye brows) or sometimes capturing the exact feelings of the person I am reading. True empathy! :) In other words, my body can work like a radio that can play a different programme according to the different signals received. Actually, many of you have experienced this already, for instance, the change in the moods of a group of people just after the mere appearance of a cranky person in a room.
Of course, my new found ability has attracted some of my friends and I have now often become their after-dinner entertainment. Usually, they will line up their business name cards for me to read and to tell them what I can find out about them. Literally, I will hold the name card, relax, feel the vibes and 'listen' to what the vibrations mean. If I am physically relaxed, I can interprete better, being mentally still, physically free from pains and ailments of my own, I can then be sure that whatever other new mental or physical sensations I get would be a signal from the person I am reading.
However, there are also times when I could feel the vibes but not sure of what they really mean, as they appear weak and did not translate clearly to physical or mental sensations. At the moment of writing, I still cannot tell whether the vibes that I read are of the past, present or future. I am still learning. Like any other skills, practice makes perfect and I am learning to improve it everyday.

Perhaps it will be more interesting if we get straight into some cases I have come across:
Case 1, Thumby (not his real name):
I was only introduced to Thumby a few minutes before holding his name card. At that point, I didn't know anything about him. He is my friend's colleague.
As I held the business card of Thumby, I felt that he had heart pulpatations and heavy breathing. I asked Thumby if he was sickly, but he replied he wasn't. Next, I specifically asked if he had heart problems, which he said, "No". I then checked the vibes again and confirmed the vivid heart pulpatations. I felt the pulpatations inside my body, as if they were mine. So, I reiterated that he must have some heart problems. He again denied. Puzzled, I checked it once again and got the same result.
In the end, I told him that despite what he had said, I was certain that he had heart problems. Perhaps seeing that I was adamant and confident, he relented and confessed with a grin that he actually had thyroid problems and it had affected his heart.
I don't know what his reasons for denying his medical condition were, but I was glad I wasn't affected by his defence and putting up of a false front. This taught me that to do psychic readings accurately, one must be still and unwavered - always trusting the vibes. Vibrations cut through all the planes of existence and they don't lie. Actually, as a result of playing around with psychometry, I have learned to be a more objective, confident and peaceful person.
Case 2: Cindy, Danny and Howard (not their real name)
I met Cindy, Danny and Howard for the first time in a chill out session among friends at Loof ( a cool roof top wine bar in the heart of town in Singapore). When Cindy extended her hand to greet me and introduced herself as "Cindy", somehow I heard her family "Tay" in my mind. As a reflex, I completed her introduction by saying, "...Tay, Cindy Tay", before I realised that I shouldn't have done that because that can start her wondering how I knew.
As it did, she started quizzing me as to how I knew. I was caught off-guard, and tried to get away with it by giving some lame excuse that it was a wild guess and that I was just lucky at that instance. That didn't convince her and she pressed on to ask if I were psychic, which I tried to avoid answering her directly until she insisted that I get straight to the point. Not wanting to lie, I told her I don't know exactly what a psychic was supposed to be, but I can pick up messages every now and then.
Curious, she started asking what I could do and before long, I was reading her name card. While holding her name card, I read that she was an expressive girl, had back pains especially on the right side of her neck and shoulders due to pushing and clicking the computer mouse too frequently. I also told her that she seemed to be a little apprehensive about her job for some reason. She was impressed about the back pains, but said that I had probably observed that she was chatty and had guessed that she was 'expressive'. This is a common occupational hazard facing sceptics. :) Though agreeable that she was outwardly expressive and one may not need to be psychic to tell that, I had interpreted that entirely from the vibes. Specifically, i felt a lot of energy at her throat.
Next, she defended that she didn't think that she had any fears at work and if she did, it won't be any different from the common fears anyone would have on their jobs. I didn't think so, as her fears were evident and distinct. Anyway, I shrugged it off and said that, as bizarre as it was to me, that was what I read. Then, after some other small talk, she came back and admitted that she actually was apprehensive at work, because she had just got into a new job in a bank.
*Sigh* It seems that while many people are interested enough to ask me to read their vibes from their name cards, they are not open enough to admit that what I read are right and give me the honest feedback willingly. How strange! In fact, from my experience, more than half the people I have read, put on a 'mask' in their daily lives. When I tell this to people, the more sinister friends of mine would add that it is much more than half, probably everyone! :)
Next, I read Cindy's boyfriend, Danny. To my surprise, Danny is such a relaxed and easy going person. Very relaxed mind. In fact, he is so relaxed, he doesn't even think a lot. Definitely not the intellectual type. Therefore the back pains that I detected must be as a result of accidents and not that of mental stress. He was stunned when I mentioned that. Then, I detected his dexterity of fingers and figured that he is a Do-It-Yourself person, good in handyman work and enjoys making things. Again bingo for that!
Next, I read Howard. I told Howard that he is a sportive person and if he plays golf, since I sensed the vibes in both his fore arms and biceps. In which he replied that he doesn't play golf, but plays tennis. This is strange, but why the sensation of two active arms? Which he replied that it is because he is quite a dab hand in tennis and could swap hands during play when required. Then suddenly, I felt myself gasping for air - I couldn't breathe properly. I must be feeling Howard's breathlessness, which was surprising because he is supposed to be a sportive person; and therefore I infer, a healthy person. Very quickly, Howard showed me his asthma inhaler. Viola! That was why! From this exercise reading Howard, I have sharpened my skills of learning how to tell what kind of sports people play just from the sensing their muscle movements.
Psychometry is fun! I would like to continue playing around and experimenting with it. As I said, practice makes perfect. There are also obvious advantages that come along. One of them is that I can know a little bit more about people when I meet them for the first time. I get to understand them better and avoid getting into behaviours or topics that are objectionable to them. It has also made me a more patient and understanding person, and definitely a less angry one, as it's harder to get angry when what you already know some of the things that are coming up. In other words, I get hints about what is going to happen before the commotion strikes. :) As I have said above, many people put on a 'mask' in their daily lives. People do not usually behave in their true self. They like to put on a false front either consciously or sub-consciously and live in a state of denial. Psychometry helps me to see through that.
Note to all psychics reading: Do get in touch! Drop a comment to share. It will be great to learn from you all gifted ones out there. Thanks.

National Day - Singapore

Turning Forty-One

Yet another National Day has passed and Singapore is now forty-one years old, since it was booted out of the Malaysian Federation after independence from the British in 1963. So, for anyone born before that date, he can say he was born a British, then became a Malaysian, before changing into a Singaporean. Well, that is assuming he does not have aspirations to emigrate to a richer country like the United States, Canada, Britain or Australia, here on.
Some of my Singaporean friends are emigrating. I have one who is planning to leave for Canada next year. I got a feeling he is not very sure of his new destination himself, for he seems to tell me how free and vast his new homeland will be, everytime we have a chance to meet. This is often followed by many complaints that Singapore is a stifled country and has an uneven playing field dominated by the Government in business. While there are some truth to his moanings, I can't help feeling sympathetic for this unhappy soul. He does work hard in his business and is making money, but somehow, he doesn't seem to be happy, and I believe he is not alone. A visible number of people who has tertiary education and skills in demand elsewhere harbour the same thoughts of emigration.
My Indian expatriate colleague has recounted to me how he is hounded by some Singapore girls who long to marry foreigners (including him), so that they can have a better future elsewhere. These are university graduates in their late twenties and early thirties, who see no future in Singapore. By that, I guess they mean 'material future', because the Singapore island is not about to sink anytime soon. They want to marry a foreigner so that it will pave their way to greener pastures, where they can live in a big house with a garden, double garage and two big cars.
I have heard of such stories about girls from our neighbouring countries escaping from dire poverty, but to hear these about our relatively wealthy female university graduates is astonishing! It bags the question if Singaporeans only base their success and happiness on material accumulation.
Why is this happening to Singaporeans? It is puzzling, as in contrast, I consider Singapore to be almost a tropical paradise, and this is after having lived and worked in sixteen cities across Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia for more than twenty years!
Why are there these spiritually empty people around?
Has all the years of rapid economic development, breaking down kampungs, tearing down dialect groups and thus alienating the older dialect speaking folks, resulted in this? There have been lots of adjustments and sacrifices that Singaporeans have made for the progress. So such spiritual emptiness resulting from cultural uprootedness is understandable though not an encouraging sign.
We all have to get back to the basics of living more fulfilled lives. Perhaps, it will be a good exercise for individuals to ask themselves what they have done for their country over the last twelve months on National Days. For the guys, have you served your National Service wholeheartedly? If you are in the Civil Service, have you served the public with the sincerity to help them, or have you just become a part of a mindless machinery? If you are in the higher echelons, have you done things for the people as a means to keep yourself in power? Has it been conditional love as opposed to unconditional love for the masses? Do the people have to vote you before you reciprocate to give them material upgrades?
Wouldn't it be better to be among a people who are more grateful for what the country has done for them and for its leaders to truly love the people? Wouldn't that make our tropical paradise do better and last longer?
It is often said that governments deserve the people they get and the people deserve their governments. My assertion is that we all deserve better. We will realise this by simply being truthful to ourselves and grateful for all around us. :)

Friday, August 04, 2006


A Thousand Miles Starts with One Step

These two lovely kids live and play there - amidst all the grub!
They both love to pose for pictures, so the mother said.

Almost a year has lapsed since the last posting today. Time flies when we are having fun! :) I hope this certainly will not set the precedent to make this blog a once a year affair!
I've been busy at work setting up an environmental technology company. I'm very pleased that this is going on very well as a business, and as our contribution to cleaning up the environment especially in the developing countries.
In the material world of calculated quick return of investments, the environment is often neglected and damaged. Clean water is now a very rare commodity in most countries and there are already early signs that war will be declared for the control of water resources. The recent conflict between government military forces and the Tamil Tigers controlling the north Jaffna peninsula is one example.
Another problem in developing countries is that of the disposal of solid waste and landfill sites. They are running out of land for landfills. Some landfills have had methane gas explosions causing landslides and deaths of squatters living there. These squatters, by the way, make their living scavenging for recyclable materials in the rubbish.
A thousand miles start with the first step. This is our one small step. You will hear from us more in this respect from time to time in this blog.


In these days of economic globalisation, many of us spend lots of time away from our loved ones, sometimes in faraway lands, thousands of kilometers across the oceans and across the seas. Prolonged overseas business trips or job postings can be lonely experiences. Being new to the place and culture, we can spend nights on our pillows and our beds, wishing that our loved ones was here. As thoughts are energies, we all wish they will travel and reach the people we want them to. And they do, as we often hear of couples who are geographically apart, but share the same thoughts at the same instance. This is telepathy - communications by thoughts alone.

Thoughts can therefore also influence. A strong minded person can influence a crowd just by his thoughts. It is therefore important to harbour thoughts that are loving or harmless to other people. For instance, the common sinister thoughts of wishing something awful to someone we had a bad day with them, will not augur well, even though we know they were just wishful thinking. :)

Thoughts are the embryos of manisfested physical actions, results and objects. Bad thoughts will yield 'bad' results and good thoughts will yield 'good' results. The same law of cause and effect applies to both good or bad thoughts, as the Universe make no such discrimination.

It will thus be prudent to fill our minds with only healthy loving thoughts for everyone, extending beyond human beings to include even to animals, plants, objects and the whole environment. If your mind is filled with only loving thoughts, then only good things can happen to you. That is to say, don't give your mind a chance to think of anything negative by filling it with only positive thoughts.

If we stop and think now, how many positive thoughts have we generated today since the start of the day? Did we blame anyone for something we should be responsible for ourselves? Did we fail to see the positive side of a problem? Did we forget to thank the chefs in the restaurant after our lunch there? Did we curse the other driver (even silently) when he took the space in front of you unexpectedly? It would be useful to be mindful of the negative or wasteful thoughts we allow our minds to get into. Every bit of it accumulates and they add up fast, since many people indulge in intense thinking.

Given that every physical manifestation starts with a thought, then we merely the sum of our thoughts. It will be an interesting exercise to review some of our thoughts every few hours or at the end of each day and be mindful of what we think. Raja Yoga practitioners call this 'traffic control'.

Showing gratitude is a powerful thought. Again, we can show gratitude not only to people, but to animals, plants and the physical environment. It will also help if we thank our bodies for doing a good job to carry us over to yet another day. Have we forgotten to thank our bodies and yet stressed it all out into the wee-hours of the morning, or even indulged it with smoke and alcohol? If you are one who has treated your body less than well, then it is time to show more gratitude. Bring back your body to you.

Showing gratitude in our daily lives will have positive impacts on what we do. Gratitude shows that we are already so well blessed with abundance and not coming from the thought of 'lack'. By being thankful for what we have, we will have more. On the other hand, by asking for more we focus on the thought of 'lack' and we will continue to live in the world of 'lack'. Again, the universe makes no distinction between a thought of abundance and a thought of 'lack', it just takes the cause and create the effect.

So if you are in prayer or meditation, stay in the thought of gratitude. Don't ask for 'things' and just be thankful. Being thankful is the secret to joyful and peaceful living.