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Friday, November 10, 2017

Provoking the Guilty

[Read the chat further below...]

Last Wednesday, a woman chatted me up on Facebook out of the blue. I smelled a rat. as her language and purported professional status did not seem to correlate.  

Instead of blocking her, I sought to find out how far she will go. So I started asking some questions that led to a long and winding conversation. You can follow the chat below (my dialogue is in the blue bubbles). Ignore my banking lingo, as they were just some gibberish I made up on the fly.

She didn't answer my questions and evaded them by talking in broad general nothings. I persisted and managed to provoke enough guilt or fear in her, that she eventually crashed out of the conversation. Further inspections show that her profile and timeline seem to relate a lot with Nigeria.

The Chat:

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