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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Coffeeshop Talk - Cyberspace

[Talking to myself while waiting for my Bee Hoon at my neighbourhood corner coffeeshop.]

Where do you live?


Where is Cyberspace?


What do you mean? Can you give me an example?

In the memories of computers. They are interconnected. Ah yes, ... the Internet.

Why do you live in Cyberspace? Did you choose to live there?

No, I was tricked into it. Then it became convenient. Now I can't live anywhere else.

Why can't you live anywhere else?

It's convenient in Cyberspace.

Isn't it more convenient to switch off?

Switch what off? You can't switch Cyberspace off. It is there. Will always be.

I mean, you can switch your computers off. Your smartphone off.

And my smartTV off too?

Yes. Disconnect.

Then where will I be?

Here. Now.

Now? What do you mean 'Now'?

Now. The moment. The breath you take.

You mean, like you and me now? I don't get it. And then what?

And then we are present together. Enjoying the moment.

Enjoy what? So boring.

Have you tried?

Tried what?

Being in the moment.


Not for very long.


Cos' I feel that I am missing out.

What will you miss out?

I don't know. I don't even know what I will miss out. Isn't that more scary?

So you are living in fear?



Yes what?

Yes,... you know... it is hard...

Say it.

Ok, ok... beat it. Yes, I am living in fear. Fear of missing out. Fear of not knowing what is to come. Am I wrong?

You are not wrong. You are not right either. There is no right or wrong. Only choices and consequences. What have you chosen?

Chosen? What do you mean?

You have chosen Fear haven't you?

Yes. So?

So what are the consequences?

Liddat lor.

Do you feel comfortable? Relaxed? Peaceful?


Not really.

So these are your consequences. Now you can make a different choice. Do you want to make that choice? Live in the moment.

Ok, let us post this online so that more people are aware.

... Oh crap! How come? Singtel 4G is down?!!!

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