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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Mind Games

Podcasting by East Coast Park, Singapore

Just recorded another podcast with my friend Clinton about a board game that he has invented that trains people to be creative and improve their learning abilities.

Here is the gist of what was discussed:
  1. That we are smarter than we think.

  2. Size of brain does not matter. More importantly, it is the number of connections we have in our brain. Number of connections are unlimited.

  3. That it is a mistake to think that if we are creative we are a 'right brain person'. Creativity requires the use of both the right and left hemisphere. ie. the whole brain.

  4. The more we learn to do more sophisticated tasks, we become smarter, as we exercise the brain.

podcast: click here.

Backstage comment:
You may have noticed that we sounded a little edgy and serious in the podcast! :) That was because we were fighting off those uninvited creepy crawlies joining us whilst we were recording! arghh!! :)

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