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Monday, December 18, 2006

105 Universal Laws Notes - Part 2

26 Nov 2006

These posts are back-dated. Somehow, I could not get it uploaded whilst I was in Saudi Arabia.

105 Universal Laws – 26 Nov 2006

This posting is based on what I have learned from the "105 Universal Laws" seminar on the 26th Nov 2006 in Singapore by Dr Aaron Lim. This seminar comprises a series of lectures conducted one Sunday a month, stretching 6 months. This is the fourth lecture of the series.

Warning: This posting contains opinions that may be considered unacceptable by some people. If you are easily offended by unconventional views about religion and spiritualism, then DO NOT READ FURTHER THAN HERE.
If you do, then do it at your own risk! If you do not agree with the views expressed below, it does not mean that you have not 'arrived', rather it just mean that you 'do not agree'. Meanwhile, try to be open. There are lots to discover about ourselves when we are open. Do feel free to leave comments.

The Observer and The Doer

A warm welcome to some of you who are new to the seminar. For this seminar, keep your hearts and minds open. Make no judgments. Judgments are those silent comments you make about a person that you don’t normally voice out. Believing is not compulsory in this seminar. There is no conversion here. If you leave this seminar having learned something, so much the better.

Just like a buffet, you take what you like. And just like a buffet, no two persons will leave having accepted and learned the same things. There are some who eat by quality, some by quantity; some fast, some slow. Everyone come at different times and no two persons take the same quantities and the same dishes.

This is just like Life. We decide what we want on our plate. Some have their plates FULL (Hell). There is an Inner Voice that decide what we take and what we put back.

Whoever eats will fill his own stomach. I cannot eat and you fill your stomach, and vice versa. Even between couples, the spiritual development is different, for they are each taking the different spiritual dishes in different quantities and different times.

We can be an observer in our life this way. If we are an observer in life, we become wiser. Over time, the observer and the doer becomes one. It is like the expert cook when he is cooking. He has become one with his dish, his wok, his fire and ingredients. He knows exactly what to throw in by how much and when to do that, but can’t explain why. By becoming the observer, we start to see the underlying principle in seemingly different things.

Take the example of a Tudung (headscarfed) Muslim woman and a trendy teenager wearing revealing hipster jeans low till just above the crouch. On the surface, they look very different. One conservative, the other liberal to the extent of an exhibitionist. They both are trying to strike an identity for themselves. To be tudung-ed to belong to the custom. Same thing for the teenager, to be outrageously revealing to be in the fashion - to belong. The need to stay in an exclusive group is a show of insecurity. The commonality between the tudung woman and the sexily revealing teen, in the example, is therefore insecurity.

Take another example between a tribal woman with her lower lip extended by a circular plate and a modern urban woman who put on lipsticks. To the tribal man, the extended lip is sexy and beautiful. Likewise the modern man finds a woman with lipstick beautiful. So the commonality between the two women is that they are both trying to look beautiful even though it may not be apparent on the surface.

So do not get caught in the superficial aspects of life. It is like a Tsunami. It is all turbulent and violent on the surface, but deep down the bottom it is still. If you are at the bottom when the Tsunami happens, you will not be swept away.

So be IN this world, not OF this world.

All there is, is LOVE. All else are not permanent and much of them are mere dramas of life. Our blessings come from people, and the safest place is to love unconditionally. Be like water. Water fits with the container unconditionally, in total harmony with its nature, not out of fear.

A secure person doesn’t get carried away by the events of the time. They are comfortable and at peace with themselves. They don’t have to follow fashion. Often, they dress the way they want, and do not follow fashion. That is why people who are great often walk his path alone. It doesn’t have to be, but this is commonly the case.

Living in the Moment

When a person is angry, normally he has an issue with the subject he is confronting. We must learn to be well and happy. Then we can give. There is a prayer that goes:

“Dear God,
Grant me the serenity to accept things I can’t change and the courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to know the difference. And the difference is ME. May I be well and happy.”

In the bible, there was a man called Jobs. Jobs live a surrendered life, a life surrendered to God. ( By the way, “Islam” means “surrender”.) Jobs’ wife did not live a surrendered life. If we don’t live a surrendered life, we will live life looking back and not living in the moment. In other words, we become immobilized.

In the story, Jobs’ wife was told to go through the cave without turning back otherwise she will be turned to stone. She understood that very well, but at some point could not resist the temptation to look back and turned herself into stone. This parable is to teach us not to look back in life, but live in the moment. And live every moment gloriously.

We have to change to mobilize ourselves and move forward. Unless there is a fundamental change, superficial changes will not take us away from where we are entrenched.

In Alignment

Religions are not in alignment with everyday life today. Religious teachings must sink into the soul to make the followers feel. If we feel, we won’t forget. There are many events we go through in our lives and we forget most of what happened. But those that we feel for, we never forget.

We should spend time walking in nature to get in alignment. Nature has its ways of calming ourselves down and getting us back in alignment. This is our sense of True Self, and our sense of peacefulness. The bible says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

God talks with us all the time, but we can’t hear because we are not quiet.

*Law of Cyclic Returns*

Basically you can call this Law of Recycling. This is the wheel of reincarnation (samsara). Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It changes form. The spirits move with the same habits left from the previous embodiment into the new form.

People with similar habits are attracted to each other. We eventually move around with people of the same consciousness.

Perfection creates perfection. So sin is impossible, for sin (by definition only) is imperfection. We must work towards perfection and be beneficial to other human beings. As long as we are in human body, we will have human emotions.

Cause and Effect

Once words are put out, there is no retrieving. Once thoughts are put out there is no taking back. So have loving thoughts. Love even those that hate you.

If we have no attachment to the ‘effects’, then there is no suffering. Eventually, all causes must be balanced with effects. Thoughts of fear will all be transformed into Love.

The Singer or The Song

What should we remember? The singer or the song?

There are some who question whether Jesus did indeed existed.
Does it matter?

Jesus never said “worship me”. He said “follow me”.
The important thing is the message, that it is so that you will remember and be enlightened. We have delusionally believed that we have ‘left’. Fear will keep us there (lost).

*Law of Right to Decree*

This is not a prayer. It is to say it as you want it to be and it will happen.

Those who have more, will have more added to them.

Those who do not have, will have more taken away from them.

Right to invocate comes from fullness. I say so, so it is.
Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will be added to you.

You can’t think your way into enlightenment. You got to FEEL! Inspiration is from feeling!

*Law of Discipline*

There are Initiates, Followers and Disciples.
Many are called, but few are chosen.

*Law of Disintegration*

Clearly explained by the phrase “from dust to dust”. Eventually, all matter will disintegrate.

*Law of Divine Flow*

Does it bring me to my highest good? Release and let go. Let the Spirit direct the flow. Trust. Always have the trust that the divine will take you to your highest good. Everything will flow according to its time.

*Law of Divine Love and Oneness*

“Uni-verse” means one-song.

*Law of Economy*

The Universe is economical with its energy to give the greatest amount of creation. That’s why we don’t have affinity for people who takes too much of our energy. We avoid troublesome people. They take too much energy.

Conversely, the more we can save the energy of other people, the more they will love us. Remember, nobody have to live their life for us.

*Law of Equalities of Analogy*

As above

As within ---------+--------- As beyond

As below

*Law of Expansion*

The Universe will expands and then contracts.

*Law of Expectation*

If you have expectations, you will live in pain.
Try to live a day without expectations and see what happens.

The seminar ended here.

Next seminar date: 28 Jan 2007
Time: 9.30am to 5pm
Place: Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Lecture Theatre 1, Singapore
Fee: $30, for meals and drinks

All Welcome!

All financial surpluses from the seminar go to the orphanages that Dr Aaron Lim supports.

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