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Thursday, October 26, 2006

105 Universal Laws

This posting is based on what I have learned from the "105 Universal Laws" seminar on the 22nd Oct 2006 in Singapore by Dr Aaron Lim. This seminar comprises a series of lectures conducted one Sunday a month, stretching 6 months. This is the third lecture of the series.

Warning: This posting contains opinions that may be considered unacceptable by some people. If you are easily offended by unconventional views about religion and spiritualism, then DO NOT READ FURTHER THAN HERE.

If you do, then do it at your own risk! If you do not agree with the views expressed below, it does not mean that you have not 'arrived', rather it just mean that you 'do not agree'. Meanwhile, try to be open. There's lots to discover about ourselves when we are open. Do feel free to leave comments.

We started by discussing about Deepavali, which is mainly celebrated by the Hindus as the "Festival of Lights". We tend to think that this festival belongs to the Indians. When translated into Malay, it is "Pesta Jahaya", which may lead some people to think that it is a Malay festival. Similarly, Chinese New Year may be better called "Lunar New Year", since the moon belongs to everyone. The observation here is that many of us would like to put 'things' into boxes. Perhaps by doing so, we can relate to things better and therefore feel more secure about them.

However, we all know that there is no meaning to anything in the Universe apart from the meaning we put to it. So whatever meanings our minds put to anything, we will say "YES" to those adopted meanings. This is inevitable. This is how the mind works. Therefore it is important that we use our minds positively.

Fear makes our minds small. Without fear, we are pure love. It is said that pure love can move mountains. Belief in God is therefore not necessary. We cannot believe in something we already are. Belief in God lead to an image that God is outside us.

In many cultures, the images of Gods are similar to themselves. Therefore, Indian Buddha statues look like Indians, Chinese statues of Buddha look Chinese, Japanese Buddha statues look Japanese...etc. People create God in their own image - a reflection of themselves.

However, God is our oneself. We have forgotten that we are God. We have to be confident that we are God. God is all encompassing and everywhere. As God is everywhere, God has no boundaries, and therefore it is impossible to be an Aetheist. Because God has no boundaries, it is difficult to define what is God, but there can be a list of what God is not.

Our soul needs 'food' but not religion. Religions are likened to be the decorations to a gourmet dish. There are many gourmet dishes that taste delicious, but do not give us the nutrition we need. Hence, there is no need to build bigger mosques, bigger temples, bigger churches...etc. Building more and more places of worship is merely building more 'forms'. Religious zealots build more forms out of 'fear'. More forms are built to include more of their kind, so that there will be no challenges. Unfortunately, without challenges, there will be no growth.

God doesn't need to be worshipped, however loving God is necessary. We all are in the bond of love. Love is where we all want to go home to. We all have a homing device inside us.

There is just the Universal Laws that we must come into alignment with. These Universal Laws is there and cannot be changed. Once we catch the wind of the Universal Laws, our lives will be smooth sailing.

Some people may be offended when they are told that God doesn't need us to worship Him. It will be difficult for us to understand God. We are too far away from the level God is.

When the seminar facilitator mentioned this in Kuala Lumpur recently, there was thunder and lightning and a heavy storm. Someone in the audience then exclaimed playfully that God must be angry! But should it be the case? Thunder and lightning can also be seen as applause! While the member of the audience was just saying it in jest, it showed that he is conditioned to think of lightning as punishment.

It is also common for many religious practices to illustrate an angry God who is ever ready to punish His subjects. (I use 'religious practices' as oppose to 'religions' per se, as they are not always the same thing.) But many of us are already conditioned to think of God punishing those of us who have sinned. Changing this perception is often difficult.

For instance, Karma is often wrongly seen as a punishment. It is not so. Karma is a reaction to an action, not a punishment. Karma do not have control over us. We can always change what we don't like with our lives. We are free from Karma if we are free from attachment. However, it probably takes time to reach this detached state.

There are 31 planes of existence. God is at the 31st world, whilst human beings are in the 5th world. Animals are in the 3rd world.

It would be very difficult for a cat (3rd world) to understand a human being (5th world), though there is only a difference of 3 worlds. To the cat, the human being who is its master is like God. This master produces food at an instance. He can provide everything the cat asks for. The cat probably thinks its master is God. The cat will never understand how the master can just produce food just like that. It does not understand that cat food are bought from the supermarket, that cat food had to be transported to the supermarket, that cat food are processed and canned by the factories...etc. Cats will never be able to comprehend all that. All they know is that they only have to meow and ask for food and food will be there. So, to the cat, the master is God. And since the master is a human being and is kind and produces food and cater to all its needs, then human forms are Gods to the cat. But we know that not all human-beings are kind to cats. There are some who are, some who aren't.
We in the 5th World are more intelligent and able than those in the 3rd World of existence. Similarly, those beings in the 8th World are more sophisticated than us in the 5th World. And since they are closer to us than the 31st World, they can relate to us better and are most likely to be more useful to us in the 5th World. And because they are so loving and so useful, some in the 5th World have mistaken all those in the 8th World to be Gods. But again, like those of us in the 5th World, there are those loving and those big egos in the 8th World, so we have to thread carefully. They have bigger love but also their bigger egos. We can communicate with them as they can be useful to us, but treat them as friends, not Gods.

11. The Law of Color

All colors are centers of attraction, and are complementary or are antipathetic to each other. Color is healing and impacts the physical, emotional, mental and human body profoundly. Man is partially composed of color in the aura (we are color, tone, symbols and speed of vibration or light). When intense rays of one or more colors are sent to a specific are of the body, change results.

Different people have different affinity (or reactions) to different colors. Colors are frequencies and affects our moods. So choose one that suits you. Our choice of colors also changes with our change in our consciousness.

12. The Law of Common Ground
This is viewed as a problem solving approach and is an area where two or more can gather to blend differences. It demands that the area be cleansed of previous energy left by others who historically have passed through, or lived on teh spot. This is done by two or more sending loving energy to the area for a specified period of time. Cage the area with a gold net and it will stay cleansed of other's energy. You will leave your energy, but that can be cleansed once you have used this space and are leaving.

It is known that many civilisations have the custom of space cleansing using incense. The Middle Eastern people uses incense sticks, even today. Incense sticks are commonly used by many religions, so it is an irony that some new converts to some religions here refused to hold joss sticks even when they are at their parent's funeral.

There shouldn't be this separation between religions. Everything we see is the manifestation of God. We see God through His creations. More 'separation' means less Godliness. When we see everything as a manifestation of God, we become more loving to everything. This is a Purist life.

A Purist practises 'LPG' which is 'Love, Praise and Gratitude'. With LPG, we don't need religious scriptures. Gratitude opens a door in our heart, so that abundance can flow in. Template (mindless) gratitude will not work. Gratitude must come from the heart. Practise LPG and start seeing your life changing.

The Three Wise Men in the Bible came from Persia, Egypt and Tibet guided by their intuition to meet in a desert. They brought with themselves, Frankensense (for purity and cleansing), Gold (for the crown) and Myrh (which is for preservation as symbol for eternity).

13. The Law of Consciousness

As consciousness expands, the space for events increases and therefore the dimensions in which man congizes good and evil, opportunities and possibilities, past-present-future enlarge to reveal the outstanding needs in this present world cycle.
14. The Law of Continuity and Consciousness

The Universe is in a continuous and endless process of creation,. Cosmic consciousness is a reality, and everything in creation is connected to everything else. The medium for the 'implicate order' of this relationship is consciousness. The fusion of individual consciousness and the universal consciousness (the building of the antahkarana) results in the development of universal knowledge, of omniscience (all science/all knowledge). Continuity of consciousness is achieved by us after the soul has been acknowledged, awakened, liberated and identified withthe Whole (enlightenment). A step to achieve enlightenment is to be aware of our thoughts, emotions and actions, the faculty that enables us to be vigilant, observant or to know.

Our soul expands as we evolve. We become more encompassing. We will have less restrictions. We will bring down the walls of separation. At some point, we will understand many things in an instance because the knowledge is already there within us.

We can measure our consciousness by looking at the mirror of our life. This is our emotions. How much love to we have and how much fear to we have? Love and fear and indirectly proportional. The more love, the less fear. Fear is the absence of love.

Our present is the result of our past. Our present is the fruits harvested from the previous season. Whatever we sow now, we will harvest in the future. We are continuously sowing seeds. So, it is prudent for us to sow the seeds of Love. So that we harvest fruits that will be fulfilling to us in the future.

An example was brought out about wealthy people who drove to the Cameron Highlands in their luxury cars bargaining with the Orang Asli (aboriginals of Malaysia) over 50 Malaysian cents (about 15 US cents). Why should they be doing so? The aboriginal people are already living by subsistence. Shouldn't this rich people be more compassionate to them? They are probably not aware that their current wealth is the result of their past and if they continue to be so uncaring for others, they will not be so wealthy in their next embodiment.

In fact, everything we see physically is (the result of) the past. It's star gazing. The stars in the skies are long gone, but we continue to see their light reaching us from light years away. Similarly, what we have done in the past are long gone, but we continue to see their results now in us.

*The seminar ended here. The seminar took a whole day, but the time passed so fast while we were rooted on our seats and captivated by Dr Aaron's wisdom and anecdotes of what he had gone through. It was a day well spent.
*As it was mentioned at the start of this posting. The seminar may not be conventional teachings for some people. I may have also interpreted some of what was said inaccurately. For those inaccuracies, the faults are mine.

*I have also deliberately omitted some stories told in the seminar for they may be wrongly seen as imposing some beliefs to readers. Moreover, these exclusive stories are best heard from the horses mouth directly.

*Do feel free to add your criticisms, comments and remarks. It is through differences that we learn and grow.
*In the previous two lectures, we covered the following Laws:

1. Law of Abundance

2. Law of Action.

3. Law of Akasha

4. Law of Analogy

5. Law of Ascension

6. Law of Attraction.

7. Law of Balance or Equipoise (fair exchange)

8. Law of Challenge.

9. Law of Chemical Affinity

[This is second draft. Quite good grammar already lah! Not bad for an engineer. :)]

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