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Monday, June 04, 2007

105 Universal Laws Review

Going through all the laws and the past notes, I realised that there are many laws that are very close or similar to one another. Many are complementary. For instance:
  1. There is the Law of Attraction but also the Law of Repulsion. Those that are not attracted to me are repelled from me.
  2. There is the Law of Sound and also the Law of Vibration. In order to have sound, there must be vibration.
  3. There is the Law of Rebirth, and also the Law of Cycles, the Law of Cyclic Return, the Law of Disintegration (so that recycling can happen), the Law of Rhythm (so that all can happen in tandem), the Law of Periodicity (rhythmic periodicity) and the Law of Sacrifice (somethings must 'die' before something else begins).

What more, all these laws must apply at the same time and without exceptions!
Something for me to ponder for the coming months! (may be years!)

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