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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Usury 2a - World Game

Got the ripped off chapter on "World Game" from Joo Hock and had been busy reading it in between my daily chores. It made me think of how the world could be in-tune to solve all its problems and yet not resorting to vicious competition, exclusively sanctioned (approved by political powers) cartels and wars.


As my thoughts travel, I ended up discussing this with my business associate Zen whilst working on the iron-ore mine investment. Zen related to me how in one of his projects, he had advocated that money be backed by 'useful' commodities, like coffee or rice. Then it dawned on me that since the world monetary system had left the gold standard in 1973, money is now no longer representative of 'life supporting wealth'. It has worsened the adverse effects of 'money making money' by the trading of financial risks.


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