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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Usury 2b - World Game

Finished reading the chapter on "World Games". The following is a summary of the chapter. For a complete understanding, it is best to read the chapter itself.
To Bucky, wealth consists of physical energy (as matter or radiation) combined with metaphysical know-what and know-how.
In the game of making money with money, the money makers and their economists continue to exploit the general political and religious world's assumptions that a fundamental inadequacy of human life support exists around the planet.
These assumptions are wrong because of:
  1. the constant increase in strength per pound of new metallic alloys

  2. the constant increase in horsepower per each pound and cubic inch of aircraft engines'

  3. the ever-increasing performance per pound and cubic inches of new chemistries and electronics.


It all can be done with proven technology and also phasing out the use of fossil fuels and atomic energy. The technological strategy is to live luxuriously entirely on sun radiation and gravity produced energy. The quantity of physical, cosmic energy wealth as radiation arriving on-board planet Earth each minute is greater than all the energy used annually by all humanity. World Game makes it clear that we are all billionaires on planet Earth, as accounted by real wealth. And that this fact is obscured from public knowledge by the exclusively conceived and operated money game and its monopolised credit system accounting.


The success of humanity can be accomplished only by a terrestrially comprehensive, technologically competent, design revolution.


There can be no planetary equity until all the sovereign nations are abolished and we have but one accounting system. One that show more justice to the balance-of-trade between rich nations and developing nations (mostly providing the basic mineral resources).


Ample food and growing capacity exist on our planet to feed well every human being. But sovereign nations and their international trade balancing system, and the individual hoarders of foods and other goods within the separate nations, prevent the distribution of foods. Metaphorically, nations are akin to blood-clot to the integrity of the aforesaid distribution.


Bucky's fundamental idea of desovereignization will be the closing of the gaps of the world electrical power grid. Electrical energy integration of the night and day regions of the Earth will bring all the capacity to use all the time, thus instantly doubling the generating capacity of humanity because it will integrate all the most extreme night and day peaks and valleys.

The world-unifying electric power accounting will be the beginning of the omni-energy accounting for the world economic management.


Bucky demonstrated how resources can be better used in his geodesic dome design which gives the strongest structure per weight of materials employed. Read here for more about Bucky's geodesic domes. Besides the structural advantage, Bucky has designed the dome to take advantage of the energy concentrating geometry of the dome and its ability to create the upward draft (Bernoulli effect) caused by the solar heating outside its surface.

World Game is a continuing scientific research and physical prototyping development. It is devoted to progressive discovery of how most efficiently and expeditiously to employ:

  1. the total world-around resources
  2. the total accumulated knowledge
  3. the total already-produced technological tooling of Spaceship Earth.

World Game is therefore the antithesis of World War Gaming as played by the joint chief of staff of the world's most powerful sovereign nations' respective military, air and naval establishments.

The paragraph in page 214 describes it very well,

"With legal planning of their lawyer-advised banking leaders, the "haves" have now succeeded in cornering all the world's monetary gold as well as he prepondence of the world's petroleum sources - along with their refineries and world-around petro-delivery systems together also with acquisition of all the atomic power-generating plants, originally paid for by the US taxpayers - and thereafter in severing the monetary system from the wealth system while marking up the negotiable equity value of gold and petroleum tenfold."

This is the monopolised credit accounting system that Bucky talks about frequently that have kept the poor countries poor and also allow the leaders of the supreme socioeconomic control systems to induce spontaneous sub-divisioning of those designed to be conquered.

Bucky said,

"The prime vulnerabilities of humanity, which make it subject to spontaneous subdividing, are those of different speech patterns, skin colour, religions, social customs, class or caste systems, political preferences, and all varieties of individually unique "troubles", suffering, and discontent."

The World Game conversely works on the basis of a world electrical systems' energy-network integration and its comprehensive powering of automated, special case machinery would most effectively counter the peril of overspecialisation of the humans and would introduce the omni-Universe-operative, time-energy, kilowatt-hours-per-year, commonwealth (with a small 'c') accounting system. With this computerised integration, each individual will have a "credit card" to enjoy world commonwealth facilities, their per-capita "consumable" and "employable". Everyone of use will thus become "Omni-billionaires" overnight.


There will also not be a need to mined new resources in the ground as all the resource needs are already above ground and can be recycled and mixed into new alloys giving more strength per unit of their weight. In short, we can continue to "do more with less".


The chapter speaks a lot more details in criticising the state of the monopolised credit accounting system and the 'blood clot' of sovereign nations preventing the swift distribution of a global electrical energy grid to distribute wealth and implement the individual per-capita energy-based credit card. For a full treatise, it best to read the book "Critical Path" written by Bucky. If your thoughts about global wealth distribution and equity to all individuals have been provoked, then this post has serve its purpose.


I would like to conclude this post with a poem and a song. First the poem, by Rudyard Kipling's "L'Envois":


When Earth's last picture is painted,

And the tubes are all twisted dried,

The oldest of colors have faded,

We shall rest

And well shall we need to

Lie down for an eon or two

'Til the master of all good workmen

Shall put us to work anew.


Then only the master shall praise us.

And only the master shall blame,

No one will work for money,

And no one will work for fame.

But all for the love of working

And each in his separate star

Shall draw the thing as he sees it

For the God of things as they are.

Now the song, most of you would have heard it before but you may like to pay attention to the lyrics clearly - make it a song message! :)


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