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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Moving 2

Having to move within three weeks without a new place to move to can be daunting, especially when you have to pack the whole place single-handedly. Where am I to bring my things to? Shall I sell the beds? It's such a waste as when I find a new place, I will have to buy everything new! Then some of the beds were supposed to get sold, but the buyer withdrew at the last minute. Shall I sort my things out and divide them accordingly so that they can be stored in three different places? However, despite all these, somehow I knew in the end it will all be alright.
Up to forty-eight hours before I have to move, I still did not have a place to move to. Then, at 10am on that day, I rang up an estate agent for an apartment, view it at 11am, and agree to take the place on the spot. It is a beautiful apartment in the same condominium as the old apartment is, but nicer - it is on a higher floor, it has a better view and a higher ceiling giving it the feeling of spaciousness. What more, it is at a lower rent than what the ex-landlord wanted to increase his rent for his apartment to.
What I learned from this episode is that it is important to trust that what we will receive will be for our highest good. To follow our trust, we must stay calm and not be distracted by anger. In this context, it could have been the anger with the ex-agent denial of having received my notice for extension or her siding with the landlord. Staying calm enabled me to have a clear mind to listen and observe, and understand that at the end it will be ok, and if it is not ok, it is not the end! :)


I am learning to trust that whatever is given to me, I would appreciate it, and whatever that will be taken away from me, I will accept it; and life will be peaceful. This is what Swami Kaleshwar said when he was in Singapore in November 2006.

Do you have that trust?

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The Horny Bitch said...

Bounded rationality. Take whatever that comes..