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Friday, December 28, 2007

Synchronicity 2

I have just been catching up with my emails after busy helping a Vietnamese friend with his business and quest to use part of his profits for social projects in Vietnam and also down with food poisoning for a few days. Such luck! May be it is due to too many upheavals recently, including the recent move to a new apartment after the doubling of the previous rent.
Coincidentally (or is it so?), I got an email from a friend whom I haven't heard for at least two years, who is now a volunteer librarian in Vietnam. In her email, she also mentioned about the rapidly rising rents in Vietnam and how landlords prefer short leases so that they can raise the rents the following year by substantial amounts. To top it all, she is also recovering from a food poisoning! :)
So be careful what we think, we attract exactly what we think. Make a list of keywords around what is happening around you. It is likely what you have been thinking a lot of! In my case here, my key thoughts have been: 'Vietnam', 'high rent inflation', 'food poisoning', and 'charity'. How clear and fast your thoughts will manifest will depend on how clear and strong your thoughts are.

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