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Friday, January 11, 2008

Rewards 4 - Protection

People who are absolutely loving tend to be protected from harm's way somehow.
Sister Teresa Hsu (now 109 years old) who does lots of charity in Singapore says that somehow she gets to know of people who were trying to cheat her. Somehow, the cheater's plot will be revealed to her unwittingly.
A friend of mine is a very kind person and does a lot of community work. One day, she realised she was not paid for the consulting work had done for her client. She was mad! But after sometime, she learned that the client was arrested and was part of an organised crime. Should she have received payment from them, she would have been dragged into their web of crime unknowingly and will have to go through the mess of police investigations.
Another friend of mine had recently gone into a bad patch. He was cheated by some people of money and eventually ended with his business assets being repossesed by the creditors. But despite being in such dire straits financially, he couldn't stop telling me about his plans to build schools, hospitals, orphanages, cheap housing, bridges, roads and so on, for his people. Touched by his love for his people and his benevolent plans, I set out to seek financing for him. It was tough, but despite all the initial setbacks, miracles started happening. I got the financing for him amid all the difficulties. In the end, it was amazing to see the number of people coming forward to help him. One of them even came out with a loan without asking for a written contract. I am really happy that it all ends well for him.
I believe that in whatever we do, as long as our heart is in the right place, things will pan out well in the end. If it doesn't, that means it is not the end. :)
The Universe also works in mysterious ways that will result in the highest good. So, as we learn to trust, we learn to listen and follow our heart.

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