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Friday, February 22, 2008

Reiki 3 - Connecting

I am a Reiki healer. After attunement, I got off a rapid start to witness the healing of people. I helped friends, relatives and even strangers. During that time, my psychic abilities and intuition also progressed rapidly.
I was able to feel the symptoms of the person who was being healed even when he was not in my physical presence. He could be miles away, in another country. I could feel the vibes going off my palms very evidently. The persons I healed were equally amazed and thank me lots for helping them.
Then as the gratitude and praises came pouring in consistently and frequently, sub-consciously, I get to believe that I am different and a powerful healer. Slowly by slowly, I believed that I am the one doing the healing. Then, as I believed (sub-consciously) that I was the healer, the psychic abilities dwindled rapidly. Many people would remark that the heavens have taken back the powers, but I think what I have done was that I have shut off myself to channel the Reiki Energies but believing I am the one doing the healing.
This remark is therefore a wake-up call for me. It is a surprising wake-up call as we have been taught in Reiki class that the healing energies come from the cosmos and that they do the healing not us. Though this is in my conscious mind, I had let my sub-conscious mind believed otherwise..Instantly, I suggested and reminded myself that I am only a channeler of the energies. And indeed, I could feel the energy flow instantly

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