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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


"The satisfaction of helping people to get healed is immense. "

Reiki is a safe and non-intrusive healing technique that taps energy from the universe to treat physical ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage. It is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonizing all aspects of the person – body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Reiki is non-religious and no meditation is required. It is re-discovered by a Japanese Buddhist priest, Dr Mikao Usui (1865 – 1926), who after many years of study, discovered a way of accessing and using this healing energy, and of passing this ability on to other people.

“Rei” can be translated as ‘atmosphere of the Divine’ and ‘Ki’ is life-force energy which flows through every living thing: plants, animals and people; and also present in rocks and inanimate objects.

Reiki as a healing system has been used and taught in the West since the late 1930s. In many Western countries it has immersed into the mainstream medical practice, with doctors and nurses using it as a complementary healing method.

Over the last few years in Singapore, Reiki has also gained acceptance. The unfounded fear is mostly removed.

Personally, I have been a practitioner for about three years. I first encountered my Reiki Master Parag Pattani at a holistic fair in Singapore. Then, I had a fifteen minute healing session and felt so light and relaxed after that for the next two days. I was amazed. Before that, I was a hard-nosed engineer who did not think a lot about people feeling vibrations over their palms when they move their hands across the air.

That was how I got started to become a Reiki practitioner and I have not looked back since.

Every day, I heal many of my loved ones, family members and friends. I also get emails and phone calls from people I have not met before who wants healing. The satisfaction of helping people to get healed is immense.

Basically, Reiki works by channeling the healing energies through the crown, down vertically to the heart center and then back upwards to the throat, shoulders and out through the palms to the person to be healed. To channel these energies, you need to be attuned to the vibrating frequencies of the Reiki energy. A Reiki Master will perform the attunement in a procedure that is secret and sacred. Once attuned, one is able to channel Reiki and heal.

Reiki has three degrees, namely:
Reiki 1, which is touch healing
Reiki 2, which is distance healing (without need for direct contact).
Reiki 3a, which is Master healing and Reiki 3b, which the attunement process is taught.

As it happens, Reiki changes my life, my temperament and perceptions in general. It has to be to all practitioners, for Reiki can only heal through the heart. Some say, it is love that is doing the healing. Let say, it is impossible to heal someone with hate or anger.

When I finished Reiki 2, I experimented with someone with a sinus pain sitting near me (but without physical contact). The moment I sent the energies, the person felt a change in the pulsation near her nose and the pain faded away gradually within twenty minutes. I was just as amazed as she was!

Another case involved my friend in Hong Kong. She had fallen from a horse and was having back pains and had requested me for healing. I sent the energies out, but felt that she only had a very faint pain on the lower back and was feeling extremely relaxed on the head. I documented that and emailed them to her. The next day, she said that it was true there wasn't much pain that day because she felt so relaxed after her Sunday Bible Studies.

Somehow, Reiki works less effectively on myself, so I use crystals together with Reiki. The other day I healed myself from flu instantly and felt brand new after that!

Reiki (regular) practitioners rarely get ill. This is may be because we act as channels for the healing energies ourselves and therefore ‘cleanse’ ourselves constantly.

There are also limitations of Reiki. It cannot recover physical injuries, like a broken bone, but it can reduce the pain. Same as when in the advanced state of cancer, it cannot cure cancer, but will reduce the vomitting and pain from chemeotherapy.

Ultimately, we believe there are certain illnesses that are ailments and some others that are destined karma. Daily ailments like flu, fever, stomach pains, etc can be healed by Reiki. However, when it is destined and it is time for us to 'go', it is time for us to 'go'. There is no way to stop God from taking us away.

For those of you interested to find out more, you may like to browse Master Parag's website It has several testimonials written by his students and people that he has helped.

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