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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Little Indian Philosophy 2a - Doing Our Part

,,, continued from previous post
My wise Indian neighbour gave me a further insight into Arjuna's confusion, she emailed me the following...
"There was a lot of valid reasons why Arjuna was despondent...
In olden times everyone lived together.. He was one of the best in archery trained and guided by the elders (his relatives) some of them who always wished him well.. they always paid due respect to the elders and held them in high esteem for their knowledge and wisdom and life's experiences.
It was because of circumstances that those same elders who were paramount in his growth as a person and those who wished him well ended up on the Kauravas' side in the battle (Arjuna was on the Pandavas' side).
Now that being said it was very difficult for him to kill his own kin in spite of the situation... and that is understandably so.. that's where the Bhagvad Gita comes in.. And Krishna talked to him at length about how one should operate with focus on a 'greater good' in life.. And that is the Bhagavad Gita.. thats what finally made Arjuna do what it took for the greater good.. be it killing your own kin or anything for that matter.
It's very profound actually."

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