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Friday, August 22, 2008

Cat's Play

My cat likes to bring back dead mice into the house, meant as presents for me. It is his own way of saying "thank you" to me. However, I don't really want these dead creatures like, mice, frogs, birds, dragon flies...etc, in the house as I will have to clean up and throw them out again. It is work for me. Also these creatures, including the mice, are from the woods and are not house pests, they had been minding their own business until they were caught by my cat.
Isn't life sometimes like this? Each of us acting out our own part in our own nature, often meaning well and hoping that we fit into the grand picture?
Like the teenage daughter bringing her 'cool and hip' friends home, to the worry of mum and dad when they meet them? Or the industrious husband coming home after a long day, only to be met by the wife's distressing naggings about his long hours at work? Or the overzealous boyfriend chasing the girl of his dream, eventually scaring her away?
Each of them are acting out their part in their own nature, often perceived to be well meaning, but with conflicting desires, demands and results.
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1 comment:

Laurence Bernard said...

This cat is mine... And you better congratulate him for his hunt and gift, otherwise he will bring you bigger treasures...(considerning you are not appreciative enough and may wish something more...visible ?) Do not wait for an elephant in the kitchen please.