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Sunday, November 01, 2009

How to create a New Self

This is a video from of Dr Deepak Chopra talking about 'consciousness' as part of introducing his new book, "Reinventing the body and ressurecting the soul - How to create a New Self". For the full programme of the talk, click here.
There is something I am fully taken in by the talk, it is when he told the audience to ask themselves every morning to check if they are in touch with their soul:
1. Is it fun?
2. Is it easy?
3. Am I getting results?
If there is a 'no' for any of the question, then you are not in touch with your soul.
Summary of the Full Talk
02.What is Consciousness?
03.Perception and Consciousness
04.You Are Not in the Body the Body is in You
05.Continuity and Discontinuity
06.Five Attributes of Discontinuity
07.Five Breakthroughs for the Body
08.Five Breakthroughs for the Soul
Q1: Is Love an Element of Evolution?
Q2: Staying Centered with World Chaos
Q3: Spiritual Guides
Q4: Positive Thinking
Q5: Michael Jackson's Death
Q6: Medicine / Healthcare
Q7: Purpose of Dreams
Q8: Role of Pleasure and Pain in Consciousness
Q9: Music and Healing
Q10: What Happens to the Soul After Death?
Q11: Business Philosophy
Q12: Celebrity Clientele
Q13: Being Comatose and the Soul
Q14: God Is a Woman
Q15: Inspirations
Q16: Recreational Drugs
Q17: Being Unaffected by Negativity
Q18: Personal Religious Practices
Q19: Grandchildren and World View
Q20: Anti-aging Science
Q21: Do you do for Fun?

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