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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spoon Bending

This is the second time I am bending spoons. The first time was five years ago. Then, I used a thinner spoon and thus was not so convinced if it was brute force or mind-over-matter. This time, I chose a thicker spoon.
The procedure is such:
  1. Hold the spoon one hand on each end.
  2. Focus and feel the spoon 'softening'.
  3. The moment you feel that, quickly apply some force.
  4. When it starts to bend, you just have to lightly push to bend it totally.

That means, it should be: Focus-Feel-Force-LightPush. If it is: Force-Force-Force-Force until the spoon bends, then it is not it. Besides, if you are doing it correctly, the spoon is heated.

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