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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reiki - Understanding the Cause

This pair of slippers is not exerted upon symmetrically. You can see it from the imprint. The right foot tend to lean on its right side. This is because the big toe on the right foot experiences pain when it is moving. To avoid the pain, the foot intuitively lean on its right side. Hence the assymetric imprint.
Observing symmetry is important, as our body is made to be symmetric. For instance, if you are constantly adjusting your shirt or skirt to bring it bring it back from getting uncomfortably twisted around your waist, it may be a sign that there is asymmetry.
This is my pair of slippers. So I too have asymmetry and that is caused by my painful right toe. It used to experience intense and piercing pain. When I went to my doctor, he suggested surgery, but with no guarantee of it being fully rectified. So I hesistated and tried Reiki instead. That was three years ago. Then, it was swollen and intensely painful, but after Reiki, the swell has vanished and the pain is much subsided.
I have continued the healing, but the results were very slow, until one day when I learned from a Chinese physician that the cause was that there is abnormal and inward growth of a bone in the toe. Knowing that, I then visualise shaving off the extra growth each time I heal it. Then to my surprise, the healing accelerated and there is now only residual pain in my right toe joint.
Then, just as I thought my problem was about to be over, my left big toe started to experience similar acute pain. Again, I responded by using Reiki energy to shave off the extra bone in the left toe. To my surprise, it healed within hours and the pain has not come back since.
I am still healing my right toe daily and I believe soon this chronic pain too will disappear totally.
What have I learned here?
  1. That if you know the cause, it is easier to heal, thus it will help alot if the healer understands about anatomy.
  2. That if problems are detected early, they can be healed faster.
  3. To watch out for asymmetry, as these are unhealthy signs, so that you can respond early to heal.
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