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Monday, September 20, 2010

Coffeeshop Talk - Jailhouse Rock

My regular coffeeshop is in a dilapidated state. The collective owners are not refurbishing their properties because they were trying to get it sold en-bloc. In Singapore, you may get a rich developer offering you a sum of money you cannot refuse. It happens, but sometimes it happens not.
As I was at the back of the shop, I struck up a conversation with a young chap smartly dressed in long sleeves and a tie (that is an effort amid the tropical heat and humidity), about the state of the shop. We spoke about the previous attempt for the estate to go 'en-bloc'.
Young Chap: They are en-bloc-ed right?
Me: No. The last attempt failed. There is height restrictions here, so it is not very attractive for the developer. They were trying to make a holiday resort here, when there is a popular one, run by the unions (NTUC) called Downtown East, barely a few kilometres away. Besides, you don't build a resort literally opposite a prison.
Young Chap: Yes agree, the prisoners won't be coming out to visit the resort.
I almost burst out laughing, but realised he was stuck in his rigid left-brain logic and sombre about his remark. *LOL*

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