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Sunday, October 24, 2010

What I Feel Like Saying...

17th October 2010
It had been a special Bucky session with the agenda under wraps for many weeks. It was also the first and probably only Bucky event that Joo Hock had to turn attendees away. Finally, when the day came, it was revealed that it would be a launch of his book of poems entitled, "What I Feel Like Saying".
"What I Feel Like Saying", is a collection of the inner thoughts of Joo Hock, much of them inspired by the philosophy and thoughts of Buckminster Fuller. particularly the one called "The Trim Tab Man".
A trim tab is a smaller control device to release pressure prior to making major navigational changes on an aircraft or boat, to change direction. Bucky likened himself to be a trim tab. That is, just an individual that discovers new things to prepare humankind for the major changes ahead.
"What I Feel Like Saying" is also how every Bucky session in the Salon starts off with, to allow participants to say anything they have in their mind. Absolutely anything with no judgment of what is 'right' or 'wrong'.

Here is the opening poem:
Opposite every printed poem, is a blank page for the user to pen his poems, perhaps inspired by the author's.
We were also served to a game of filling in the blanks of famous quotes, like those pasted on the wall:

Did you manage to fill in any of the blanks?
There were also famous poems, whom we have to identify who the authors are.
Somebody then asked Joo Hock why he likes poems so much. He says that they are inspirational and he tries to commit to memory many of the poems he encountered, especially those penned by Bucky. He finds writing poems therapeutic. Perhaps they are all these thoughts bottled inside that needs to find their way out in a gentler kinder manner such that they can be inspirational to others.

Finally, the book launch...

... and the autographing...

I got mine inked by the author too...

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