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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Finally got my showreel (an extract from the film) out.
I played the role of the father who had to relive the torment of guilt upon an unexpected encounter with his long lost daughter. I think the director is not only brilliant. I think she is also psychic! :)

There are three things I have learned during shooting. They are to:
1. Ignore the camera
2. Ignore the crew
3. Ignore yourself.
Some directors say that I shouldn't 'ignore myself', so I guess by that, I actually mean that I should not to be overly conscious about myself during the act. My director also told me that I shouldn't be 'acting', but just 'to be'. Once in the 'being', the rest comes naturally.
Other than that, I think it is also important to have chemistry with your co-actor.
Through reading scripts and characters, I have also learned to be more empathetic towards others and am more conscious and observant of my off-reel actions and behaviour. Now, I probably need less reminders to be aware that different results come from different intentions and actions committed in the moment. This awareness comes from the exercise of acting out various scenarios during rehearsals.
Most of all, acting has taught me to live in the moment, as it is not something you can day-dream away, dread about the past, or worry about the future while in action.
The world is a stage and we are all actors. So live it! Live in the present moment.

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