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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vacuum State - break

It has been a while since the last article. My laptop crashed and when I brought it to the shop, the silly technician simply reformatted my hard disk, clearing all the data without asking me. He was not repented and insisted that he had told me before hand, which wasn't the case, as the word 'ref0rmat' will raise the goose pimples of any IT person like me from a distance. To add insult to injury, he demanded to be paid for his 'work'. Not wanting an argument, I paid, but never again would I return to his shop. He has lost a customer and I won't recommend anyone there. Sadly, there are just some people who would still think of money first and customer last. Wouldn't it be commonsense and care to ask someone first if you clear their data permanently? *haiz*.
Fortunately I have managed to recover most of the data since. When a hard disk is reformatted, the operating system merely tags the memory addresses as 'deleted', it doesn't literally clear all the space to zero.
Ok, enough of that!
There will be more interesting articles coming up now that my laptop is in order again. There should be interesting stories with my recent trip up to Malacca and also a recent run-in with some cats in "Cat's Play". Stay tuned!


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