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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today, I thought the makeup girl at the film shoot was over-the-top. She had 6 metal piercings around her mouth and painted her hair red! I wanted to ask her if water actually leaks out of her mouth whenever she drinks!
After the shoot, I described her to my friend and to my surprise he remarked, "Isn't it cool?!!" He feels that she is just one of those mischievous creative types, that likes to experiment with ancillaries but is still out there doing a job and is being responsible.
I am somewhat surprised with his tolerance, but more so, of his tolerance with my contrasting views. Not once did he try to argue that I was wrong or that I was intolerant, as it didn't matter to him. Intrinsically, he had accepted that there was a different view of the same thing. In other words, he was even tolerant with my intolerance. Isn't that cool? :)

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