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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kids Play 3

I have been thinking about how to teach Victor, on how to invest his money eversince he popped the question to me. I am very pleased and impressed that he asked the question as I had wished somebody had taught me how to invest when I was a kid.
So one Sunday, at a lonely quiet road junction, I thought it was my chance to teach him one of the basic components of investments. Our conversation went like this...

Me: Let's cross the road.
(The lights was showing red man, but since there were no cars around, I thought we would do that.)
Me: Do you know why I made us cross the road now?
Vic: Dunno

Me: Because I want you to know that in business, you need to learn how to take risks.
(Instantly) Vic: But you risk with money, not with life....
At this point, I was dumbfounded! How sharp he is for an 11 year old boy!
Vic: Isn't it! (looking at me in the eye!)

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