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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kids Play 2

Got a 9 year old child's view of a comic strip...

[For those of you who doesn't follow Peanuts cartoons, this is the usual scene of the dog sitting on his kennel visited by this bird speaking his language comprising of only "l l l l l l l l ...". The dog almost always have grave difficulties understanding the bird, amid hilarious moments.]

In this comic strip, the wind blew away the "l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ..." that the bird was trying to say... I thought that was funny as it involves the surreal characters falling off the dialogue box.

I showed it to a 9 year old boy and was surprised that he didn't laugh. I was even more surprised when he asked why the wind only blew away the words of the bird and not the dog's. Have you ever wonder why we stop looking at the world the way children do? We all have been kids before! :)



In a more sombre mood, I also found this other comic strip about a chain saw...

While this comic strip is sarcastic of the chain saw hastening the felling of precious trees, it also reminds me of psychics having far more powerful abilities and the correspondingly bigger impact that can befall them if they do not exercise their abilities responsibly.

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