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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kids Play

Story 1:

This story is set in the background of a scandal involving the poultry industry - where chicken feed was wilfully contaminated with dioxines in Europe. A mother was shopping in the supermarket with her chatty 4 year old son. Taking the opportunity to educate her son, she took each item to ask him what he thought about the item and whether they should buy them.

Mother (takes a chicken): Should we take this?

Boy (jaw dropped astonished): No, it has dioxines.
Mother (smiles smugly and satisfied): Good

Mother (takes some chocolates): How about these?
Son: Yes, but not too much.

Mother happy and amused with her son's wisdom, nodded her head in approval.

Mother (takes some apples): How about apples?
Son (now really astonished with big eyes): No!!!!! God said "Cannot". :)

Story 2:

Mother is tutoring her nine year old son at home to prepare him for the next day's test, and came across, "La bise", which means in French, cold and dry northerly winds.

When the mother explained to her son. The son was furious! He disagreed with the meaning of the word.

The boy exclaimed, "It's wrong! The wind is not dry at all. I have felt it before, it is wet too!"

Then the mother said, "Yes, but this is a definition of La Bise, it is not up to you to say it's wrong".

The boy insisted, "Yes, it is wrong!"

Mother: "Look you have to learn this properly otherwise you are going to get it wrong for your test tomorrow."
Son: "No, I refuse to study."

Mother (insistent): "Yes, you should study"
Son (shouting): "But, what's the point of studying when what they say is all wrong?"

Mother: "There are 6 billion people around the world and they agree with this definition."
Son: "Yes, but all of them are wrong!!!!!"

At this point, the mother is dumbfounded and burst out laughing!

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