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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Universal Law - Part 6 (Final Part)

This posting is based on what I have learned from the "105 Universal Laws" seminar on the 27th May 2007 in Singapore by Dr Aaron Lim. This seminar comprises a series of lectures conducted one Sunday a month. This is the ninth lecture of the series. The last of the series.
Warning: This posting contains opinions that may be considered unacceptable by some people. If you are easily offended by unconventional views about religion and spiritualism, then DO NOT READ FURTHER THAN HERE. If you do, then do it at your own risk! If you do not agree with the views expressed below, it does not mean that you have not 'arrived', rather it just mean that you 'do not agree'. Meanwhile, try to be open. There are lots to discover about ourselves when we are open. Do feel free to leave comments.
The 105 Universal Laws have taken longer time than I have expected to finish them. At first I thought it will take only about 6 months to complete them. But today, we are going to finish discussing them all. The reason for the delay is because some of the laws are more dominant than others. For instance, the Law of Karma.
Law of Karma works like your mobile phone SMS. Once the 'send' button is pressed, we can't bring the message back even if you have mistakenly sent it to the wrong person.

[I quipped: And it will be a message addressed to 'Sayang' ('Darling' in Malay.)] [Laughter!]
Yes, and the wrong person will get the 'Sayang' and the person the 'Sayang' is supposed to go to keep waiting in vain. You see how complicated a simple action can lead to?
I get many wrongly directed smses to me, because my name "Aaron" with a double "A" is usually the first in most mobile phone directories. I usually let them know that their messages are wrongly directed to me so that they can re-send them to the intended recipients.
Sometimes, I get stray phone calls too, because the caller forgot to lock his phone and had accidentally sat on the send button and I got a phone call. I could hear their conversations inadvertently. But of course, I hang up on knowing that they are just stray calls.
Karma is the same. Once sent out, they cannot be rectified. Changing mobile phone sets will not help. Just like changing religions will not help.
Our thoughts, like our mobile phone, are sent out frequently. Thoughts travel, so be careful with what you think. It will be sent to people around you and people you think about. So be positive. You are the first recipient of your thoughts and they come one big circle eventually back to you. Some take longer, some sooner. Some are individual karma, some are shared karma.
For instance, all of us here in this hall has shared karma for the moment. Should an aircraft crash here now, most likely we will all die together.
We are going to start the ACIM (A Course in Miracles) seminar in August. Those of you who have attended will know that it is something that will change your life. It will be beneficial for those of you who likes to improve yourself to invest a year in this seminar series.
You will realise after ACIM that because you have changed, you will attract a different type of people. For instance, you will not attract angry people if you are peaceful.
But, some of you may ask, then why are some people you don't want to meet still lingering in your life? That is because you still have something in you that have attracted him/her to be around. You have not completely released him/her. If your mind is still fighting with him/her, you will attract the fighting.
Thoughts are so powerful. The receiving person feels it. It takes two to fight.
For instance, if you go to the temple and jump and scream at the saints, Buddha or KuanYin statues to you go hoarse, at some point you will not shout anymore. You know it is futile. The statues would still look serene and calm. You will be depleted.
[BTW, that is the primary reason of the statues - to remind us of being peaceful - not idol worship.]
As you evolve and vibrate at a higher frequency, those that are not like you will gradually drop out.
For example, say if I love to drink and I go to the pub to drink with friends everyday after work before going home. In the pub, we have lame conversations like, "...I almost got the job... I almost spoke to that girl...etc". Lots of "I almost...".
So, after attending ACIM, I think in a different frequency and now don't like going to the pub to meet this people. Friends will call, but I will reject them each time. After many rejections, the calls will become less and less frequent and then eventually no more.
You see, you don't have to ask someone to go away. They will after some time, when the two of you don't think the same way or you don't want him to be around. If he is still around, that means for some reasons, you still want him to be around.
Some people say, people marry opposites. For instance, one calm, the other angry. On the surface, that appears to be true, but go deeper and your can see one suppressed anger and the other expressed anger.

[Poster we have presented Dr Aaron]
Now this is a poster of Shintaro. To those who have just joined this seminar, there is a reason for this picture. Shintaro is a movie character of a samurai in one of the Japanese TV series I watched years ago. Shintaro strikes me as decisive character. When confronted by all the ninjas around him wanting to attack him, he will finish them off quickly with a few strokes of his sword. Shintaro is focused, calm and decisive. Make the decision to kill and move forward.
In contrast, the French Three Musketeers, will cross swords back and forth, jump up the tables, grab the chandeliers to swing across the room, slide down stairs, break everything, even talk to the opponents... and in the end, no killing and the whole place in a mess!
I am mentioning these two metaphorically of course. It shows one making a decision and moving on, the other going back and forth and still leave everything in a mess!
Decision making is always based on what we know. It has uncertainties. We take a chance. Often, people have doubts about their decision. This will not get them to where they want. Doubt comes in because there is no trust in something bigger than ourselves. People who does not trust, think that they are totally in-charged. That they produce the entire results by themselves.
The 'thing' bigger than ourselves could be called, God, Buddha, Nature, Tao...etc. It is not in the name, it is in the 'knowingness'.
For instance, we want someone to love us, but when we find someone who love us, we fear the loss of our freedom. Thoughts go out as 'doubt', so success will be prevented.
If head and heart are not in harmony, don't do anything. Only take action when head and heart are in harmony.
81. Law of Rhythm
To observe the law of rhythm, go to the beach to observe the tides coming in, especially during the change of tides. The waves will come in a little, then go out, then in, then out - in absolute balance.
Same as in life, we go forward to achieve a task, then we withdraw to rest, then go forward to achieve, then rest.
If one is not in Rhythm, one will burn itself out, since everyday is a push. So, dance with the Rhythm. There is moment to wake up, there is moment to rest.
By the way, nothing is outside of the Universal Laws. Some say that God doesn't need to obey the laws. So what is God?
No two persons even from the same religion have the same image of God. Images changes with time, with location (Buddha statues look Chinese, instead of Punjabi) and with change of religions. In other words, we see God as a reflection of ourselves.
For instance, if you like black colour, then everything you have will be black. Our 'external' world is a reflection of our 'internal' world.
[My notes: 'External' and 'internal' and expressed in quotes, because in reality there is nothing internal or external. They are all one. 'External' and 'internal' here are expressed in the context of a delusional world.]
So if you are a great observer of life, you don't have to talk a lot to understand a lot. Those of you who have eaten around the same table with me, would have seen me picking out the tiny spring onion pieces from my plate. Without speaking, you know I don't like spring onions.
And how about, "Oh my gosh, did you see that beautiful red car?"
[Kok Yong: Dr Aaron, I am a bit confused with your description of reality? For instance, if a man had an extra-marital affair, he did have an extra-marital affair. Can he say it didn't happen?
Answer: Yes, it did happen, but it is not permanent. It was real when it happened, but it is not permanent. Also for the same incident, two persons will react differently to it. A lower consciousness may go and kill the unfaithful man, whilst an ascended being will take it as it is, as she will not see things from Right or Wrong, but just Choice and Consequences; and also that nobody belongs to her!]
When two persons are in perfect rhythm, they are harmonious.
[My question: So why is it that some people are in rhythm and some are not?
Answer: If you go down to a busy street, say Orchard Road, and watch people passing by you and watch your emotions. There will be some you feel you can connect with and some you feel repelled from. There some people whom you just have a reflex to avoid and you don't know any better. Sometimes to the extent of walking faster, or crossing to the other side of the road to avoid. Why?
Nothing comes from nothing. Something comes from something. It could be something in that person's face that reminded you of an incident with someone who looked similar. It could be something that happened in a previous embodiment.
However, it is not necessary to find out what troubles us in our last embodiments. They are not real, it is not good to find out sometimes. For instance, what if you found out that you have murdered one of your family members in your last emboditment?]
82. The Law of Right Human Relations

This law helps us define limits of behavioral control with others in third dimension. Third Dimension is the world of illusion. That is, a world where we think the unreal is real. Let no one assume to forcibly teach, counsel or guide.

That means, no uncalled for advice. Uncalled for advice makes the receiving party feels wrong and lousy; and that is against our nature of feeling grand.

[Question: When I give Ang Pows in temples to the caretakers, I normally ask them if I can give them one. Usually, they will receive it, but recently, there is one who refused to receive it. So should I ask them first or should I just give the Ang Pows?

Answer: You ask them. If they turn it down, then don't give. These people need to learn how to receive. Giving and receiving goes together. It is the Law of Rhythm. When a person stop the receiving, he stops the flow of Joy, since he can always give the money away after receiving them. ]

83. The Law of Right to One's Own Space

This is an aspect of free will, but another law of its own. Everyone is entitled to make career decisions for self, decide the belief system one feels comfortable with, and generally create the life that will allow one to fulfill his or her own birth vision. This is the right to one's own space, the right to live one's own life (allowing for parental direction inteh developing young person). Overprotective or controlling parents, friends and even dictators have impeded this law and right since almost the inception of mankind.

84. The Law of Sacrifice (and Death)

The destruction of form in order that the evolving life may progress, is one of the fundamental methods in evolution.

Everything must end before something else can begin. We die everyday. Our bodily cells are replaced everyday. Everyday, we become more and more divine than yesterday.

The skills that we learn cannot be brought along with us when we die. Only love is carried over to the next embodiment.

In the ACIM course, you will learn of the unhealed healer and the healed healer.

There are some healers who are healing others and yet have many unresolved issues themselves. This happens among some New Age practitioners.

85. The Law of Schools (The Law of Love and Light)

This is a mysterious term used to cover the law as it affects the expansions of consciousness which an initiate undergoes, and his ability to attract to himself through knowledge -

1. his own Higher Self, so as to produce alignment and illumination

2. his Guru

3. that which he seeks to know

4. that which he can utilize in his work of service

5. other souls with whom he can work.

This law applies to the Initiate who has transcended the stage of self-consciousness.

This refers to the progression of consciousness.

The lowest consciousness refers to beings who are still trapped in body, race, culture and other exclusions. This gives us the most trouble.

The next level is to lose your identification with body, race, culture... etc. You can try to get this feeling if you can find a quiet place to lie down on at night and just stare at the stars. After a while, the feeling of the body disappears and you are merged with the Universe. It feels really good. This is how we should feel all times of the day. When you separate, fear comes in.

86. The Law of Service

The Antahkarana is the bridge that joins the head to the heart, without which you won't act. With the linking of soul and the personality, the light of soul pours into the brain consciousness, resulting in the subordination of the lower (chakras) to the higher (chakras). This work requires so much sacrifice of time and personal interest, requiring deliberate effort, conscious wisdom and the ability to work without attachment.

Service is the extension of your Love.

Serve cheerfully at work. Your work is your service. Drop the term 'Job' from your vocabulary from today.

Therefore we go to college so that we can serve more people. As you give, so shall you receive. You get more Love and Love manifests itself in many ways.


87. The Law of Sex

There is no time and space during sexual orgasm.

That is why during orgasm, we do not ask:

"Who are you?"

"Where are you?"

"What time is it?"

May be after that we may ask! [Chuckles and laughter!]

Highly evolved people has no need for sex. They are in a perpetual orgasmic consciousness.

Animals cannot watch itself. Humans can. It is a rare privilege to be born a human being. We are blessed in the world of illusion. That means we can see the world in whichever way we want it to be. eg. You want to live a spiritual life in 5 years' time. When the 5 years is up, you can change your mind and still not live a spiritual life, if you don't want to.


We are already Buddha, or Christ...etc

We cannot work to be a Buddha or Christ,...etc

Because we are already one.

We have just forgotten. I task is therefore just to re-member - become One again.

88. The Law of Solar Evolution

This law is the sum total of all lesser activities.

We lose balance if we think activities are teh reason for our being. We are too wrapped up in our lesser acts.

The more spiritual you are, the more excited about life you are. You would vibrate at a higher frequency. Love vibrates at the highest frequency.

If you are down, you do the opposite.

89. The Law of Solar Evolution

When the interplay of the Suns is being dealt with from the material aspect and from the consciousness aspect, this term is occultly used. It is not possible to enlarge upon it.

90. The Law of Sound

Every living thing in existence has a sound. Through this knowledge changes will be brought about and new forms developed through this medium. The release of energy in the atom is linked to the science of sound. Healing with sound is profoundly effective (vocal sounds - tuning forks - music). Sound has the power to restore people to their harmonic patterns. Chanting specific sounds and mantrams brings about great healing and raising of vibration, and produces virtually unimaginable results when done with group mantric chanting. The most powerful mantram known to present man is "Om mani padme hum'.

[My question: Is there a generic sound which will heal across cultures, race, religion...etc?]

Yes, there is, "OM".

Let's all do an "OM" together. [We did! It was very soothing!]

This is a primordial sound. Scientists have put out recorders in space and have heard "Om". This is said to be the sound when the Universe was created.

91. The Law of Spiritual Approach

This law depicts the conscious act of a personality to create with its every thought, word and deed the ability to be the reflection of its god self. Every action is a prayer to the Creator of All. When this is done with success, the personality becomes a mirror or reflection of the god self for others to learn from and emulate. This is a walking, talking example of becoming our higher self.


Thoughts = Prayer

92. The Law of Spiritual Awakening

A basic level of self-control and stability is required to maintain the degree of effort required for the awakening of other states of awareness. Because such awakening brings with it higher forms of perception and power, self-centred misuse of the greater perception and power bears proportionally graver karmic consequence. Spiritual awakening brings with it the need for moral impeccability.

93 The Law of Summons

Soul talk. One can learn how to lift the soul from teh physical body and summon another soul, to have a soul to soul talk. This is most powerful because there is no conscious ego present. The message of love andn or explanation, or plea is received in a most profound manner.

1. Call the person's name

2. Say, "I love you"

(3. "I forgive you")

4. "I bless you"

Too much religious repression results in many social problems. Offenders in these religions are then called up to go through 'more religion' which is worse. It would be best to merely summon the souls.

94. The Law of Surrender

Because people so cherish the self, surrendering is a very frightening experience. A person may experience the surrender as a leap into an abyss or as death. This may be perceived because she/he has not yet attained a complete trust and faith in God, the complete assurance that once the self is abandoned, the being automatically merges with a higher stage of existence which is necessarily ready and waiting to accept it. There is no chance for the process not to function. At the instance of surrender, the entire being of the individual merges into the specific higher manifestation of reality that it is in relation to the point in its development. God streams into the soul that has managed to negate the self. This is the surrender of the ider of 'i'.

Babies have complete trust. When they see an adult they like, they will jump and trust that you will grab him.

There are moments in your life when you feel empty, despite all that you have materially.

When the student is ready, the master will appear. This master may not be a guru with long beard and so on. It could be an ordinary person. It could even be your child.


95. The Law of Synthesis

You don't have to join a religion to learn about God, because it is inherently in us.

96. The Law of Teaching

This law concerns the responsibility people have to pass on that which they learn, for the continuation of the human race to benefit by this information, if it is the higher interest of people to learn the acquired information.

We have to pass down everything we know, unlike the Chinese martial arts master who would keep something to himself and not transfer to his disciple for fear of the latter being better than he is.

People who practises separation are the same. That is why they set up all those Chinese clan associations to share business information within themselves. They usually do not share them with people outside the association.

The Malays pride themselves with "Bahasa, Bangsa, Ugama". This have prevented them from growing at a rate that they should. Without growth, there is no replenishment. Wouldn't you prefer to swim under a waterfall, where water is replished continuously and perpetually, than in a still pond with stale water where even the fishes die?

Religion = Heart

Language = Love

Race = Humanity

97. The Law of Telepathy

When Jesus was born, there were Three Wise Men who arrived at the stable. They come from thousands of miles apart from each other. One from Tibet, another Egypt and another from Persia. They come from afar, crossing deserts, bringing the logistics and gifts they are supposed to bring guided only by stars - and all arrived on time! Isn't it amazing!

98. The Law of Three Requests

Whenever we pray or request a higher power to assist, we bring stronger energy to the effort by repeating our request/prayer three times.

This is the power or Three.

99. The Law of Time

The only moment we have is now. This is where we create. What we have done is done and that moment in history exists only as a record or energy trace in time and space. The consequences of past actions are atoned through karma, and canbe rewritten to a degree. The FUTURE only ever happens in and from the present tense and is built of today's thoughts, dressed by emotion and driven by action. Activity is key. Third dimension living has more rigid structure of time than fourth dimension existence. There are those who can slip into 'no time' but these are people who have raised their personal vibration (demonstrating many virtues, dispensed a great deal of karma and much killing of ego) and accessed the information to create the ability. Third dimension linear time was created for those living under this veil of forgetfulness to center in the moment and perceive a sense of order without the remembrance of burdens of past lives.

People who live in the past, cannot go on with their lives.

100. The Law of Unconditional Love

Loving ourselves and other people as they are, is honoring self and another's self and soul path. It is loving without judgment or reservation, an awareness we are all part of God or the All. When we love without condition or restraint we connect in a profound manner with our own higher self. We notice that we say the right things at the right time in our communication with others while loving unconditionally. Life and events seem to flow to us in a more joyous and agreeable manner. Everything seems easy when living in unconditional love.


Our true nature is Love. Anything else other than Love cannot exist.

eg. Shadow does not exist. Shine light on shadow and the shadow will disappear.

101. The Law of Unity

We are all connected, all bearing the seed of Divinity. this is the way we start, and the way we develop into eternity. It is only while in third dimension physical form, and because of the greater separation of our higher self from the personality, we experience the illusion that we stand alone. Fear enters our emotional body because of this illusion and begins to close more profoundly our connection to the Source. Also, when we experience great soul growth, in some small but profound manner, all benefit. All substance in this Universe flows to us and through us. We are All.

102. The Law of Universal Sympathy

This law concerns a yogic power which allows a Yogi to transfer information, or influence others' mind.

If something happens to one, it happens to all. For instance, if I cut my finger, my whole body gets affected in various degrees.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. My whole body is greater and more useful than just my fingers. Yet the finger doesn't know of other fingers and the whole. The fingers also work together and cannot be offended by each other.

So you cannot hurt someone and say it does not affect you. We are all in One whole.

103.The Law of Vibration

Nothing rests; everything moves,; everything vibrates. This is the law of progress, of movement and of rotation. This principle explains that the differences between manifestations of matter, energy, mind and spirit, result largely from varying rates in vibration. All that exists, is in constant vibration and motion. Atoms always vibrate with such great rapidity that they seem motionless to the physical eye. At the other end of the scale are things that vibrate so slowly that they also appear to be motionless or non-existent. In between are the various vibrations of living entities which range from consciousness all the way down to the lowly dust particle that plays an important role in the food chain. Still there are even things lower then dust... way down to the negative pole (undifferentiated matter), we find ourselves in the realm of spirit - the Alpha and the Omega. All that is, begins in spirit and ends in spirit completing a single cycle of evolution that will be repeated countless numbers of times through eternity.

So everything vibrates at a frequency.

When we change our tv channels we change the receiving frequencies.

104. The Law of Will of God

The creators of our world carry out their work of form building under this law. God's working has to do with things free from change and movement - things divine. It is God's will that what is human should be divine, and therefore all creation pushes forth to the God Light. God is all good and it is by reason of the Good that all other things exist.

105. The Law of Will Power

This law concerns the individual drive within a soul extension/personality which is projected from the complete entity. The individual developing soul extension differs in degree of will power from its other entity extensions/soul family members. Depending on the conditions of an incarnational experience and the incoming will of this extension, the personality can possess a drive to accomplish something that that may ssem overwhelming to others in the soul family and/or other incarnational personalities (friends). This law depicts the right and condition of each personality or soul extension to generate it's own degree of will power.

Do post your comments, opinions, views, and even questions here! We can start an online community and forum.

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[My notes: The 105 Universal Laws can be found in ]

This is the last episode of the "105 Universal Laws" seminar series.


Kim said...

I have a comment about Aaron's reply for Law 81 - Law of Rhythm:
Whether if a man had an extra-marital affair, it might not have happened. Aaron: Yes, it did happen, but it is not permanent. It was real when it happened, but it is not permanent. Also for the same incident, two persons will react differently to it. A lower consciousness may go and kill the unfaithful man, whilst an ascended being will take it as it is, as she will not see things from Right or Wrong, but just Choice and Consequences; and also that nobody belongs to her!

What a ridiculous answer! As soon as he made the wedding vows - for better or worst, for richer or poorer etc. till death do you part, then you DO belong to each other until death. It is all very well subscribing to the laws governing physics or spirituality but unless you are a PERSON living in accordance with that, and not signing on HUMAN vows, you cannot, as you like it, decide to take on spiritual/metaphysical laws as and when it suits your purpose. The hurt caused to another human being is not justified merely by the answer 'choices and consequences'. The coldness and non-human answer given, does not in any way allow such a person to have partaken in the most human of vows: marriage.
FYI - I have never been married, never been through such a situation but hopefully if I ever do, the priest/rabbi/monk does not add "Will you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband until death you do part, unless of course he decides on his choice of having an affair, you have to see this from an 'ascended' point of view and you will never truly belong to each other".

jupilier said...

The lecture/discussion series is an explanation of the Universal Laws and not a course on moral judgment.

In the hypothetical case, the married person is free to choose to break the vow or not to break the vow, but whichever way he chooses, there will be choices and consequences. This may sound like an uncaring un-human answer, but that is how The Laws work. The Universal Laws make no judgment, they just act accordingly.

For instance, it is very convenient to use the Law of Gravity to throw my trash bag via a rubbish chute from my high-rise apartment, but the same law will also apply to a person jumping down from a block of apartment in the insanity of an act of suicide. The Law does not decide not to apply itself in the case of a suicide because it wants to save a life! It applies itself universally without exception.

Of course in a practical situation, I would personally try to stop the person from jumping, but that is me acting, not the Law of Gravity per se.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean but Aaron was trying to apply the "Laws of the Universe" to a human situation ensconced by HUMAN laws. It is like comparing apples and oranges. It is not a case of moralizing his comment - but simply the question posed to Aaron is a MORAL one, of human values and laws; and thus a Universal answer cannot be applied. So the 'derivatives' in themselves are different and cannot be compared!

We are put on earth to experience human emotions and we are in many ways governed by human laws - whether we like it or not. To try and avoid this and subscribe to 'universal laws' whenever we want to is incredibly dangerous.

Aaron is justifying a violation of human law with the law of the universe (which I accept). However, some people who cannot reconcile the innate differences between the both, might be tempted to explain away their failure to uphold 'human laws' by applying the laws of the universe.

jupilier said...

Nobody is justifying anything.

Human laws are ultimately subjugated to Universal Laws which apply universally. Human laws change from time to time in history, Universal Laws don't. For instance, it used to be legal for a man to have many wives and concubines (still accepted in some societies). Whereas, the Univeral Law for Unconditional Love remains eternally true.

Again, this is not a lecture/seminar on moral issues and mandatory following. In fact, it is stated early in the post that "Believing is not necessary". However, I hope "thinking" is.

BTW, the original question was not one questioning morality, Kok Yong was asking about the perception of reality and happened to use a hypothetical situation of extra-marital affairs.