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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Environment 6a - Self Service Bicycles

I have just learned from my friend in Singapore that there is a self-service bicycle service, similar to the one in Paris, in Bukit Batok, run by NTUC Income. The service has been around since 2006, but I think many Singaporeans do not know about it. I didn't.
Perhaps NTUC Income should take a leaf from the Parisian Velib system and base their docking stations in the city centre. They will be more visible there. Demand is also likelly to come from tourists and city centre dwellers, just like the case in Paris. To find out more about the Paris Velib system, click here.
It is good to know that Singapore has already started thinking green from 2006 and have thus implemented the bicycle system. Now it is time to package and market it effectively! Hurray!


jupilier said...

There is a bicycle city in the making. See

Found them from a Google Ad.

jupilier said...

The Bicycle City group even have a quick listing of how Singapore can be a BC as well.