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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Loving Me Loving You

"...we cannot change the shadow by focusing on Darkness, but by focusing on Light."

I attended a very illuminating seminar entitled "31 Planes of Existence" by Dr Aaron Lim from Malacca last Saturday 29th July 2005. The pix above are some notes I scribbled during the one-day seminar. I was fascinated by Dr Lim's profound knowledge on the subject, speaking without referring to script and spicing his speech with witty humour.

The seminar was about the planes of existence that our consciousness can preside. The world we live in is what we make out to be and we are all living in ONENESS - in the Oneness of Love and Light. Not an easy concept to grasp given that in the physical world, we see each of us as separate beings, seemingly unconnected to one another. So whatever we do, even if it appears to be directed to other people or the environment, is going to affect us.

The Bible says "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you..." and that "My Father and I are one". We observe others and are at the same time observing ourselves. Thus the observer (our conscience) and observed are One. Sometimes our conscience is also referred to as our God Nature.

We create the world we live in. We can choose to create the world of love and experience or live in the world of fear and experience fear. To overcome fear, hatred, anger,...etc, we must focus on love. In other words, we cannot change the shadow by focusing on Darkness, but by focusing on Light.

The world of Love will attract like-minded loving people because attributes of love like compassion, joy and happiness recognises itself. So by loving you, I'm loving me, in the Oneness of Life.

More about Dr Aaron Lim and his charity work can be found at http://

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