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Friday, August 04, 2006


A Thousand Miles Starts with One Step

These two lovely kids live and play there - amidst all the grub!
They both love to pose for pictures, so the mother said.

Almost a year has lapsed since the last posting today. Time flies when we are having fun! :) I hope this certainly will not set the precedent to make this blog a once a year affair!
I've been busy at work setting up an environmental technology company. I'm very pleased that this is going on very well as a business, and as our contribution to cleaning up the environment especially in the developing countries.
In the material world of calculated quick return of investments, the environment is often neglected and damaged. Clean water is now a very rare commodity in most countries and there are already early signs that war will be declared for the control of water resources. The recent conflict between government military forces and the Tamil Tigers controlling the north Jaffna peninsula is one example.
Another problem in developing countries is that of the disposal of solid waste and landfill sites. They are running out of land for landfills. Some landfills have had methane gas explosions causing landslides and deaths of squatters living there. These squatters, by the way, make their living scavenging for recyclable materials in the rubbish.
A thousand miles start with the first step. This is our one small step. You will hear from us more in this respect from time to time in this blog.

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