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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Face and Destiny

This are the notes I scribbled down during the one-day "Face and Destiny" seminar facilitated by Fengshui Master Joey Yap ( on the 13th August 2006. About a thousand people attended the seminar.

Joel Yap is born in the United States but grew up in Malaysia. He practises classical Fengshui which focuses on the topography of the ground and energy flow. In like manner, he treats the face also as a physiology where energy flows and features like moles and pimples would affect one's destiny.

Note though that nothing is permanent and nothing is fixed and fated. Facial features change, and most of all, we can change our destiny by changing ourselves. It is as simple as that. Changing ourselves deep in our heart changes everything. Otherwise, even changing our facial features through cosmetic surgery would not help.

I find Master Yap's presentation clear and entertaining, often spiced with many old and beautiful poetic sayings in Cantonese.


Anonymous said...

interesting pic.
I hve learned a bit of it....

michael said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you enjoyed it. Michael