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Monday, November 06, 2006

What will you resort to with the Integrated Resort?

Got news from my landlord recently that my rent is going up by 36%. He gave me only a few days to make a decision. If I do not agree with him he can choose to evict me. That was a big jump with a very short notice. He has refused to speak to me directly and has communicated with me via his agent who repeatedly threatened me with the law and eviction.
I have told her that I will bring the matter to my Member of Parliament, but on second thoughts, what's the point? He is after all, an ex-Member of Parliament himself and probably know his legal rights and moral wrongs more than I do.
I wasn't even fighting the rent increase so much, but merely asking for more time to move out and live in it under the old rent till January, since I had to travel to Saudi Arabia till January for business. Haiz! It is hard to believe I have rented his premises for four years and that is how he treats me. Did I hear the President said something about the new 5Cs we should have? What? Is one of them "Compassion"?
Recently, landlords are asking for increased rent in response to property price rises in the prime districts, after the announcement of the development of the integrated resort in Singapore. However, for the suburban East where I live, I got a feeling that it is just wishful thinking. The prime district property price increases are moved by foreign investors. In the suburbs, they cater mostly to the local market. I don't hear of local people earning more money in business or salaries recently and banks are not easier with their loans, so how can property prices go up here?
I have since found out that there is no law to protect tenants against astronomical rise in rental prices and landlords can evict tenants who refused to butt.
So, with the debate of whether we are going to have an integrated resort or not is out of the way, perhaps it is time to think of what we are going to resort to with all the new 'opportunities' out there.
I believe that gambling is bad, since for one to win, many have to lose, and the adverse effects are many. Be prepared to hear of more of these resorts of the resorts.

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