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Monday, January 29, 2007

Babel - The Movie

A moving story surrounding two boys in rural Morroco, whom were handed a newly purchased hunting rifle from their father, to keep the jackals off their mountain goats.
Amid the boredom sheperding their herd, one of the boys then decided to test how far the rifle can shoot by pointing it at a tour bus far away down the valley. Little did they know at the time that they would end up having shot an American woman in the bus. This shooting tragedy created diplomatic ripples between the American and Morrocan government, distress to the American couple's Mexican nanny and their children in the USA, and the distressed Japanese man who gave the rifle to the Morrocan native as a gift after a hunting trip a few years ago. The dramatic detonation of the sequence of calamities is akin to the flap of the butterfly wings that sets off a storm continents away.
This movie may be a little stressful for parents watching it as it portrays the mischiefs that children get into during puberty without knowing the dangers lurking. The acting, particularly the Morrocan and Japanese natives was scarily realistic to have made my stomach turned.
The moral of the story is that one single and seemingly small event or thought can affect many people, without the original thought being aware of the consequences. And the events can occur continents away simultaneously.

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