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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bucky Group 20c - Oxymoron

We continue our discussions on Vacuum State's post on "Hunting Down Life's Oxymoron" by Mike George (For more about the blog post, click here). This is the last of our three-part discussion about the topic.
We covered the term 'academic learning' and how true learning cannot be 'academic' because the it involves mostly memorising other people's discoveries, instead of self realisation; and the concluding paragraph that once we hunt down our inner contradictions (oxymorons) part of us awakens to liberate us.
In the 'Question' section,...
"Have you ever realised you were contradicting your self or doing something that contradicted something you said? What was that action and do you still do it?"
One of us said that she did not react very well to a big-talker man in a committee she set up recently. She knows that he is talking big because he feels small, but she also knows that as a result of his talking big, she feels small and therefore angry! Though, she managed to contain her anger and not tell him off! [Personally, I think she should! Perhaps not 'tell him off', but 'tell him'.]
Oh, by the way, the committee she set up was meant to counter the potential of new massage parlours taking over her estate's shopping block. According to her, these massage parlours are teeming with sexy Chinese girls that offer 'happy endings', and that they would have enough money to bid up the rents to take over the other shop lots. So, this committee aims to get the parlours out of the estate. Sounds like a committee with an end to end all 'happy endings'!
I brought up the discussion about 'academic learning' and that the alternative is 'experiential learning'. But I wonder can every subject be learned by experience?
Chor Kok answered that wonderfully to say that it is possible that if we focus the experiential learning to discover Bucky's the generalised principles. From there, the learner will be able to realise other secondary knowledg and so it becomes unnecessary to learn everything experientially.
I think in between 'academic learning' and 'experiential learning', there is something like what Dr Aaron Lim does, which is learning through anecdotal experiences of others. By listening those little life stories that Dr Aaron tells, I can relate to them and learn very quickly compared to mere memorising from an authority. But then, that too depends on our own experience. For instance, I cannot understand about 'joy' if I haven't experienced it before, even though a story filled with joy was told to me. In that instance, 'joy' would be mere 'words' or 'academic knowledge' to me. This happens for people who have not consciously experienced 'love'. They therefore cannot understand love.

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