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Sunday, April 13, 2008

In Sickness or in Health 5

Everything happens for a reason. After lying horizontal for much of two weeks, I realised my knee pains are gone, and as I had not eaten much, the constipation is gone too. I also have lost a bit of weight, which was about time.
By now, I am about 95% recovered. I go cycling in the morning and take short naps in the afternoon. On my regular cycling route, I always dread this long slope up. My mind wanted a powerful and swift upslope run, but my body was panting and crying out for oxygen. I could no longer go up the slope the way I did. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak! :)
On the following day, I recovered further and this time with the same mind of going for a powerful swift run up the slope, I managed to pedal myself up to the crest of the road without straining too much. I wasn't panting.
The interesting observation on these two days is that on both days, I had the same mindset, but different states of fitness. The mind was the same, but the bodies were different. Here, I experienced and rediscovered that my soul (or mind) and body are separate entities. I am not this body, I am this soul that drives my mind, that drives my body. My mind remained the same. I am proud that I had not allowed the state of my body to affect my mind.

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